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Welcome to bestonlinefilestorage.net

It all began one day when We were in one of the university labs. We were searching an online storage service to backup out work. We encountered dozens of cloud providers and it was just too hard to decide which one to choose. As a result, we began searching for a website which had compiled and compared all the information about all service providers out there. We really needed a website in which my final choices (X vs. Y), based on their comparisons, would offer a decent review of both, in order to help us, the consumer, decide. Although we did find a few websites, we did not really find what we were looking for.

And then it hit us. Why not create a website that does exactly what we struggled so much to find? We could explore and research all services, try them out and read user reviews – great for us and very useful for other potential interested persons to find exactly what they need.
After several months of research we have come up with the top 10 cloud storage providers. We deeply reviewed each one, based on our own experience and user reviews. We are also constantly seeking new promotions and discounts for each service. Currently we are working on a section in which you really can compare services. The comparison table includes information compiled and summarized into important points. We’re also adding ‘contests’ between providers (X vs. Y).
Finally we can offer you what we couldn’t find for ourselves.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or want to request a review on something you seek for – Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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