Acronis Review

Acronis has built up a solid reputation as a leader in providing disaster recovery products and data backup solutions. It only stands to reason that they would expand their endeavors to include online backup services.

There are two major reasons for trusting this company:

  1. Acronis has been in business for more than ten years with a strong product line. Anyone with concerns about an online company disappearing overnight can rest easy knowing that will not happen with Acronis.
  2. The backup service can be used on its own or smoothly integrated with other Acronis products, like the popular True Image software.

The 250 GB of storage space for up to 5 computers for just $49.95 a year is a great reason to give Acronis a try.

Recovering lost or damaged data is just half the battle. Having your system restored to the way it was before disaster struck is the real trick. Over the years you have accumulated a lot of valuable information – software downloads, short cuts to frequently used programs, important emails and contact lists. A backup solution should be about more than just saving files. It should be a complete system restore, and that is just what Acronis has to offer.

Acronis uses their patented PC-cloning technology and disk imaging to completely and fully restore every bit of information back to its original state in minutes – without reinstalling any software. In addition to this, you can use the Secure Zone feature. This feature allows you to create a secure disk partition on the hard drive which enables you to easily recover your system at any time, even if the entire Operating System crashes.

Features of Acronis


Backing up Files
Once the software is launched, you choose a name for the computer and you are all set to begin the initial backup. By default, “My Documents” is set as the folder to be backed up since most personal and important files are stored here. Other files and folders can then be added to the regular backups.

Backups are automatically set for every day at noon, but this can be changed to any hour and day – a few times a week, weekly, monthly or whatever is most convenient.

Acronis lets you sync files between computers, with friends, family or colleagues right over the internet, or with local folders, USB sticks or external hard drives.

The default resource settings might disrupt regular usage, but luckily this can be changed. CPU usage can be set at low, medium or high and the bandwidth allotted for backups can be set to any limit you desire. This gives you the freedom to designate how much memory and bandwidth should be used for backups and how much for other activities you need to perform at the same time.

Acronis uses military-grade security. Files are encrypted with 256-bit AES technology and transmitted over a secure SSL connection, making them safe and hacker-proof.

Files can be accessed, either for viewing or recovering, over the web from the Acronis cloud. Mobile access is not currently available.

Customer Support
Acronis provides you with an wide array of documentation and support tools, as well as a comprehensive online knowledge base, tutorials, handy user guides, live chat sessions, email support and optional phone support for an additional fee.


A Bit Confusing
Although it is not extremely difficult to use, it is far from being the easiest online back up service available. Getting started can be quite a challenge. For example, the installation is straightforward and fairly quick, however once it is finished, the installer disappears, without launching the initial backup. Most people will assume the back up will start automatically, as it does with other services.

Acronis offers several backup product solutions, including:

  • 250 GB of secure online storage for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year – free 30 day trial.
  • True Image to secure important data, including photos, videos, music, documents and applications for $49.99 per license – free 30 day trial.

Acronis needs to add a few more features if they want to grab more of the online storage market. Faithful Acronis users will definitely choose the Acronis online backup service over the others, but in order to attract new users, more options need to be added. On the top of the list would be mobile access and free phone support. Most people like to do everything on their mobile devices. Not being able to access their online backup in this way could very well make them go to another provider. Paying for customer support is a big turn off. When you pay for a service, you expect the company to include any support you may need, without additional charges.

To sign up and for further information, visit Acronis.

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