ADrive Review

ADrive delivers online cloud storage services to millions of individuals, businesses and enterprise-level users. Their goal is to provide a convenient and reliable way for everyone to manage their data from virtually anywhere, at any time.

The company was founded by experienced storage and networking experts in 2007. It was created to meet the growing online storage demand. They are dedicated to developing new features and offering affordable online data storage solutions. Beyond the free basic service, the company offers a variety of paid plans to meet the needs of individuals and businesses of any size.

  • Personal Basic – 50 GB totally free.
  • Personal Premium – 50 GB to 10 TB+ – 14 day free trial, starting at $6.95/month or $69.50/year.
  • Business – unlimited storage – 14 day free trial, starting at $16/month or $167/year.

Features of ADrive

ADrive offers all of the features you would expect from a first-class online storage provider, such as:

  • Backup, share, edit and access files with any device, from anywhere there is access to the internet. Users simply log into their account and are able to share or edit files online. ADrive uses Zoho® technology to allow users to edit their word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.
  • Share files with just a link. No more bulky email attachments. Simply send a link to those you wish to share your files with, and with one click, they have access to your files.
  • Transfer files remotely. Anything you need to do with your files can be done remotely.
  • Search for specific files. If you need a specific file, you can find it quickly ans easily with the ADrive search feature.
  • Support for international characters. Many programs do not support international characters – you will notice this on some web pages where characters show up as small boxes or some other strange icon. With international character support, you can read or write files in any language and not have any strange images showing up in your text.

Premium accounts also include:

  • Android apps – upload or download any file from your Android device.
  • Online collaboration – keeps everyone on your team connected and in the “know.” Team members can add, edit and view files from anywhere.
  • Larger files supported – files sizes have been increased to 16 GB, so you can upload and share an entire presentation with everyone on your team.
  • Set expiration date on shared files – set limits on how long files will be be available for viewing.
  • FTP/SSL access – compatible with any FTP client.
  • Increased security – many companies offer this as standard fare on all plans, but ADrive only provides secure transfers and safe storage for paid memberships.


Low Prices, Plenty of Space
The basic plan has fewer features than the paid plans, but you get 50 GB of space completely free. This is more than enough space for most users, including small businesses. Paid plans are reasonably priced, starting at just $6.95 per month, which means you can add more space as your business grows.

Desktop Application
ADrive has recently added a new desktop application that is compatible with all major operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux. The application was developed in Adobe AIR, and allows users to download, upload, and schedule file and folder backups from your personal computer.

File History Recovery
With the file snapshot technology, users can access older file versions. Snapshots are kept for one week. This could also fall into the “con” category, since most online storage providers offer to keep up to 30 versions of older files for as long as you wish. The minimum these companies offer is to store 5 versions for 30 days. This makes the ADrive versioning seem very small by comparison.

Mapped Drive
Using WebDav, users can map their ADrive account right from their computer, without signing into their web portal.

Customer Service
ADrive offers 24/7 technical support via phone and email, in addition to basic online support such as an FAQ section and community forum.


Security For Paid Members Only
Secure SSL data encryption is only provided for Premium users. It’s not quite clear what type of encryption, if any, is provided to free members.

Third Party Ads
Free accounts are supported by third party ads. Every part of the interface contains ads – including the file manager and publicly downloaded files.


ADrive offers everything you need in an online file service provider. If you don’t mind dealing with a bunch of advertisements, you can get all of this completely free of charge. If ads do bother you, a mere $6.95 per month gives you a clean, ad free interface, enhanced security and plenty of other features not available to free members.

To signup and for further information, visit

Plans & Pricing
50GB for FREE (only basic features)
50GB to 10TB+ (Advanced features), Starting at $6.95/month
Unlimited Storage (Advanced features), Starting at $16/month
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