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Backblaze provides online data storage and complete protection for all sensitive and precious files. Customers can store their valuable data on secure servers and never have to worry about losing important information ever again. All data can be restored or viewed from anywhere there is an internet connection, anywhere in the world. The company offers secure protection at affordable monthly prices. For businesses or personal use, Backblaze makes backing up files safe and easy.

Features of Backblaze:

Backblaze automatically backs up all files on your hard drive, including music, videos, documents, spreadsheets and anything you want to store in the cloud. The company prides itself in providing unlimited storage space, safe and secure facilities and incredible service. Customers are never charged extra for going over their storage limit, because there is no limit.

  • $3.96 a month for 2 years of service ($95 total).
  • $4.17 a month for a 1 year plan ($50 total).
  • $5 per month on the auto billing plan.

How does Backblaze for Businesses differ from Personal Plans?
With the business plan or the personal plan, all files are backed up automatically and you get unlimited storage space for approximately $50 per year, for each computer you want to back up. The business plan differs a bit by offering a master account to manage all billing and reporting, while still allowing each employee to maintain their own accounts for backing up and restoring data.

Backblaze is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Macintosh operating systems.

Data is encrypted before it is transferred. The encrypted files are then sent securely to the Backblaze data center, left encrypted for extra security and stored on protected disks. The company uses a combination of industry standard private, public and symmetrical encryption methods to keep files secure. This is all done automatically, in the background. Which means that when your account is created, a unique private key is generated automatically to keep your data protected within the system.

Easy to Use
All you need to install the program is a valid email address and a private password. After this, your initial backup begins automatically.

Constant Protection
Constant protection means that Backblaze backs up data continuously, because you never know when disaster may strike. A power failure or computer crash can happen at any time, without warning. Continuous backups ensure you never lose the latest file changes, newly created files or recent photos.

Fast and Efficient
The unique ‘single-read’ engine developed by Backblaze ensures your computer won’t slow down when backups occur. The automatic throttle uses your internet connection in the most efficient way possible. An average high-speed internet connection backs up about 2 – 4 GB of data per day.

For extra efficiency, all files are first de-duplicated, compressed, and then backed up in sections. This method is more efficient because duplicate files are not saved twice. Backblaze recognizes duplicates and only backs up a single copy. Whenever possible, large files are compressed so they will transfer faster and only recent changes are saved, which also speeds up the backup process.

Deleted files can be restored up to 30 days later.

Restoring Data
Data can be restored whenever you like thanks to the cloud restore system. This simplified method allows you to restore your data by logging into your online account and restoring your data without reinstalling the program. Your data is sent to you over a secure connection in a zipped file that you unzip to your computer. No one else ever sees your private files.

Increased Protection
Protection can be increased by utilizing a passphrase to secure your account. This private passphrase is used to encrypt the private system generated key you got during the registration process. The passphrase is your responsibility as Backblaze and all employees of the company have no way of retrieving this passphrase. If you forget your passphrase, you will not be able to access or decrypt your data. There is no “forgot password” mechanism. Only you know the passphrase.

Restoring your data by using a passphrase is not much different than a regular restore, but you do have to perform a few extra steps. To decrypt your files, you will have to enter your secret passphrase when you log into the secure online control panel. This info is then sent to the company’s data center using a secure transfer connection and it is used to to decrypt the private encryption key, which the system uses to decrypt your files. Backblaze does not save your passphrase anywhere on their system and after it is used to decrypt your encryption key, it is discarded immediately. The rest of the process goes ahead like a regular restore where your files are zipped and sent securely over an encrypted connection to whichever location you choose. You can now do whatever you like with your files.

Customer Support
In most cases, you never have to worry about a language barrier keeping you from getting the help you need because Backblaze offers support in 11 different languages. They have a comprehensive FAQ section that will answer any question you may have, but if can’t find an answer there, you can try the complete knowledge base. For individual concerns not covered in either of these sections, you can send the company an email and you will get a prompt reply. They don’t currently offer live chat help or phone support, but that feature may be just around the corner. Companies are constantly upgrading their services, so you never what new feature will be added tomorrow.


Backblaze has safe and secure data centers to store all of your valuable company and personal data. The prices are affordable on just about any budget and you are given an unlimited about of storage space. You can easily backup everything you currently have on one or all of your computers, so you never have to worry about a lost or corrupted file ever again. Backing up in the cloud means your data is safe and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. When you have sensitive and important files to backup turn to Backblaze for a safe and secure solution. The system works automatically so you are free to run your business or personal life, and forget about remembering to backup your data.

To signup and for further information, visit BackBlaze.

Plans & Pricing
Unlimited Storage:
$3.96/month for 2 years ($95 total)
$4.17/month for 2 years ($50 total)
$5 auto-bill each month

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