Backup Genie Review

Backup Genie ReviewIntroduction
What is the lifespan of your files? It can be years, months, or days. With how inexorably connected our online data is to our everyday lives, and with so many possible things that can go wrong in the run of a day—human error, hard drive/software failure, and viruses, to name a few—if you don’t keep a backup of your computer’s files in a cloud, you’re playing Russian roulette with your personal and business life. From the makers of JustCloud, MyPCBackup and ZipCloud, Backup Genie is the next evolution of backup software, keeping your files protected and easily accessible. With an intuitive platform that makes it easy for you to access your own protected files and share them from wherever you are, get ready for the near-perfect mix of security and at-your-fingertips functionality.

Features of Backup Genie
Backup Genie LogoBackup Genie is one of the best consumer-available backup services to date. Once installed, you can allow Backup Genie to automatically and regularly back up your files without annoying prompts interfering with your day. The software not only provides its customers with affordable storage, but also the ability to sync information with multiple devices, share files and folders between friends, coworkers and family, and stream music and video files. Utilizing the services of Amazon S3 storage systems, the most renowned company for safety and security, your files are kept in numerous locations around the world, heavily encrypted.


Plans and Pricing

Backup Genie offers three plans:

  1. 75 GB for $4.49 per month.
  2. 250 GB for $6.95 per month, their most popular plan.
  3. Unlimited data for $9.95 per month.

Each of Backup Genie’s plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, if within thirty days of using Backup Genie you find that their service is not for you for any reason, feel free to cancel your subscription. If you choose to leave, all they ask is that you fill out a small survey to help them improve their services.
Backup Genie Plans & Pricing

Backup Genie Plans & PricingBackup Speed
Backup Genie recently released an update (V that promised increased backup speed. Whereas most competitors offer around 190 MBps to 200 MBps, Backup Genie revs the most powerful engine, coming in around 260 MBps. This means that all of your transfers, depending on the size and your internet connection, will be finished within minutes if not seconds. Their website even offers a speed test, where you can verify these claims and measure your own backup speed.

Backup Genie Plans & PricingConfiguration Settings
Installation is quick and easy. Backup Genie is all about peace of mind, which means that it can perform most of the work so you don’t have to. In that spirit, Backup Genie is easily configured to complete the majority of backup tasks itself to alleviate stress for the novice users, while allowing professional users to tweak everything to their liking, such as when, where, and how to backup files. Customers can select files, folders, subdirectories, source drives, target directory (local or network), and even whether to proceed with a full backup or one that generates incrementally. Allowing you to choose the frequency (days of the week and time of the day) and exact type of files to backup and which to leave out, Backup Genie then generates a log in order for customers to easily view the history of which files they have secured.

Backup Genie Plans & PricingDrag & Drop Ability
Unlike Mozy or iCloud, Backup Genie allows you to do the famous “drag & drop”, which is as simple as selecting a file or folder that you may have missed and dropping it into the box in order to be backed up, without having to go through any strenuous process. Anyone who has ever been backing up files and accidentally forgot to add one into the mix will be forever thankful for this simple but useful tool.

Backup Genie Plans & PricingSimple File Sharing
Famous for its ease of use, Backup Genie does not disappoint in the slick and effortless manner that they designed their simple file sharing programs. Simply login to your online control panel and search out whichever file or folder you’d like to share. If you hover your mouse over it, an option will pop up that says “Share”. Once clicked, Backup Genie takes you to another page where the email addresses of your friends can be entered, along with a personal message. Once this is completed, your friends are sent either an email inviting them to join Backup Genie or a link (if they already own an account) where they can simply login and click “Accept” to view your files! Keep in mind that people who you would like to share with must also have a Backup Genie account.

Backup Genie Plans & PricingCustomer Support
Backup Genie offers an elaborate online FAQ section that seems to answer almost any question that would come up. There are also easy-to-understand video tutorials, a comparison grid of their services versus other backup service providers, and email support.


No Trial Period
Sadly, those users who would like to give Backup Genie a try will have to sign up and pay to do so. They do not offer a free trial period, which would have been convenient for those who like to run something around the block before they pull money from their wallet. Of course, their 30-day money-back guarantee somewhat relieves the need for such a trial period.

Sharing Permissions
In order to share files and folders with others, they must also have a Backup Genie account. This can be inconvenient for obvious reasons, however, the company claims they have something in the works in order to fix this slightly annoying problem.

The Bottom Line:
Backup Genie strives to satisfy their customers. With Amazon Web S3 technology protecting their customers every step of the way, multiple devices on which to access data, and downright speed, this product is a must-have for every one and every business who wants to keep their files (and their customers’ files) safe.

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