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Best Cloud Storage for MacChances are, you’re already convinced of the benefits of cloud storage. It is far more secure and cost effective than any other methods of storing your precious data. However, some of the cloud storage providers do not offer their services to Mac users. From among those that do, it can be a little overwhelming to try to decipher which would be the best option for you or your business. In order to try to help you solve that problem, we’re going to take a look at a few of the options we think are the very best. We’ll consider their respective strengths and weaknesses, and that should help you narrow things down.

Three leaders on the Mac data storage market:

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If customer service is the most important thing to you when you’re making this type of decision, then you might want to consider doing business with MyPCBackup. This is not to say the other companies don’t have adequate customer service. They do. It’s just that MyPCBackup’s customer service is superior to that of most of its competitors. The primary reason we say this is that they offer you so many different ways to get in touch with them. Whereas some other companies only allow you to contact them via a support ticket system, MyPCBackup allows you to contact them by phone and live chat as well.

Another great advantage which MyPCBackup has to offer is unlimited file versioning. Some cloud storage companies only allow you to store older versions of backed up files for a maximum of thirty days. While MyPCBackup’s default storage length for older versions of your backed up files is seven days, you can manually extend that time to an unlimited number. That means that should one of your frequently worked on files ever be changed in a way that you’d like to be able to undo, you’ll be able to revert to an earlier version of that file even if those unwanted changes have been saved.
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We mentioned in our discussion of Mozy that there are some companies that are more economical when you’re looking to store larger amounts of information. ZipCloud is one of those companies. As a matter of fact, their unlimited storage plan is one of the least expensive unlimited storage plans we’ve ever seen, especially among those companies which provide service to Mac users. Therefore, if you need enough room to store a huge number of files, and you don’t care about all the bells and whistles, ZipCloud could really be a great choice for you.

Since it is important for many people to be able to access their files on whatever device they happen to be using, the lack of mobile applications may be a deal breaker for you. On the other hand, it may not. You may be looking more for storage than for ease of access. There is one other factor you might want to consider, though – speed. ZipCloud is not as fast as MyPCBackup, so if you are storing a large amount of info, which is the main reason for using the service in the first place, you’re going to need some patience. However, if you have that patience, then their service is more than worth the price..
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Unlike MyPCBackup, Mozy offers a free storage plan to home users that aren’t looking to store gargantuan amounts of information. They will allow you to store up to two gigabytes absolutely free of charge. If you need to store any more than that, the prices for their paid plans remain competitive. Even though you may be able to find other companies that will allow you to store the amount of information you need to store for a lower monthly fee, those other companies may not offer all of the features that Mozy does. We’ll take a closer look at one of those features right now.

The feature we’re talking about is enhanced mobility. Not only does Mozy offer software that works on Mac, you will be able to access it from your Apple mobile devices as well. As a matter of fact, if you’re one of those users that has a Mac and an Android mobile device, they have you covered with their Android apps. Since one of the most important benefits of cloud storage is the ability to access your files from anywhere with a live internet connection, it helps to be able to do so from as wide a variety of devices as possible.
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It all boils down to what factors are most important to you. If you’re looking for lots of storage space for a low monthly fee, go with ZipCloud. If you only need a small amount of space, but still want full featured functionality, go with Mozy. If you want super fast backup speeds, give MyPCBackup a try. Take them for a free test drive to see which one you think is the best cloud storage for Mac.

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