Review is a leader in cloud-based file storage, attracting customers with heavy duty security and a solid set of features optimized for real time collaboration. Box markets its services primarily to businesses.

Introduction – now known simply as Box – is one of the oldest online file storage sites. Founded in 2005, the company focuses on catering to professional customers who use the site for collaborative projects. Box users can access, edit, and share any type of file from anyplace. Box is the chosen cloud storage site for many top-name businesses like Clear Channel, Six Flags, and Proctor & Gamble – just to name a few. Box makes file sharing easy, and members can fine-tune user permissions, allowing others in their group to read, edit, and share at their discretion. Permissions can be set differently for each file.

Features of

When you sign up for Box as in individual user, you’ll have access to 5GB of free online storage space. You can then share documents, photos, videos, links – and even multi-file folders. Files and links can be shared within Box, and you have the option to send them as emails or instant messages, making real-time remote project collaboration easier. You’ll also be able to see, in real-time, any edits being made to a shared file. You can upgrade to a $9.99/month membership that gives you 25GB of space to use. As a business customer, you’ll pay $15/month per user for up to 500 users and get access to loads of features. Business Box account holders can:

  • utilize organizational tools.
  • set permissions for files and password protect them.
  • post comments and organize teams by task.
  • access a feed showing all activity on any given file.

Box really cleans up the potentially messy parts of co-creating projects, making the process of co-authoring a lot more efficient. Box has an additional plan available for enterprises, offering unlimited storage space and as many users as you need. These plans are custom priced.


Smooth Interface
Box has become well known for its seamless integration with nearly every platform, and for its incredibly user-friendly features. Box, for all its sophistication, manages to maintain an interface even your grandmother could navigate with ease. They have been doing the online data storage thing the longest, and it shows. A simple, yet intuitive graphic interface model is to thank for the heightened usability of Box’s desktop software.

Box gives its users access to some valuable features, especially their business customers. A favorite aspect of Box is that it gets along so well with mobile devices, having near-perfect integration with all major platforms. Box also offers a service that allows users to stream media wirelessly from their Box account to an Apple TV via an iPhone 4S or an iPad2. You can integrate your Box account with your accounts on other file sharing sites like Google Docs (now Google Drive) and Salesforce. It’s hard to beat the level of synchronicity among devices and sites you get with Box. Additional features that are intrinsic to successful remote team projects are Box’s versioning options, which allows users to see and download any and all versions of a project in progress.

Permissions can also be adjusted to dictate who can see which file, as well as who is allowed editing privileges. Users can also post comments and receive feedback within individual files, keeping the dialogue in the same place as the project itself. By keeping all correspondence contained within the particular project, the potential pitfalls of remote collaboration – like missed messages, and misunderstanding instructions – are minimized significantly.

Solid Security
Aside from the user-side security features like password protection for sensitive files, adjustable permissions settings, and suspicious activity notifications, Box uses a multi-faceted approach to ensure ultimate data security. All files are transferred with 256-bit SSL encryption and sophisticated tracking software is used to detect unauthorized access to user accounts. Box also utilizes multiple data centers as a redundancy plan to protect against loss. The fact that so many big-name companies (Box claims that over 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize their services) trust Box with even their most sensitive data is a testament to the impressive level of security offered to users.


Certain Features Only Available to Business Customers
Many of Box’s most impressive features – specifically the group management tools like permissions and versions – are only available to business customers. This is a little bit of a letdown, since these abilities would be useful to all kinds of users. What college student – especially one assigned to do a group assignment – wouldn’t want access to a feed tracking every change and edit made to a Box document? Musicians remotely collaborating on songwriting might also find Box’s business-only features incredibly appealing. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to non-business groups who would probably buy into an upgraded individual membership if it had the groupwork features of Box’s business plans. Of course, you can still purchase the business membership for personal use but a slightly downgraded – and cheaper – version would help to fill the gap between the personal and professional plans.


If you’re willing to pay for the business membership, Box is a fantastic tool for working in tandem with any number of remote users on however many projects you can fit in your agenda. Box’s free service is a good option for those who have some personal files they’d like to be able to access from anywhere, but don’t have use for the advanced collaborative tools and features. It can’t hurt to test drive Box using the free membership option and if you like the interface but crave more space and features, go for the upgrade. You can enter a month-to-month agreement so that if you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, you can cancel your membership or downgrade back to the free plan.

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Plans & Pricing
5GB for FREE
25GB for $9.99/month
50GB for $19.99/month
1TB for $15/user/month
Unlimited storage: Visit for further details
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