Carbonite Review

There is a big risk involved when you do not duplicate your computer files on other devices. One unlucky day can cost you a month’s worth of work and project presentations that you have spent so many hours on. An accident can delete all your family bonding and vacation pictures. Cloud storage companies provide backup service so that you can still restore these files even if your computer crashed or gets stolen.

Carbonite is a safe bet if you don’t have the time to go over and review each and every service package on the planet. Carbonite can boast of a huge number of subscribers in over 100 countries who rely on their service for online storage and backup. They are a big name in the industry having been positively cited by the PC World, Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Ease of Use
Carbonite wants to encourage every single PC user to backup their files for guaranteed protection. File backup can be accomplished in a number of ways. The old way was to use cds and dvds to store them all into. You can also use an external drive that can store much more space than cds and dvds. Carbonite offers the latest technology which is called cloud storage. With cloud storage, you never have to plug your external HDD all the time. Backups are done automatically and without your direction.

Knowing that a complicated interface can dissuade users, Carbonite created a seamless process by which backups can be done without a sweat. All you need to do is to download this application and follow through the initial setup wizard. The application is intelligent enough to automatically find file changes and update their copy.

Backup Status
As with other providers, initial backup completion can take hours or even days. The good thing is that you can still use your computer and go about your everyday work. Carbonite slows down the transfer and upload so as not to interfere with your productivity. Best of all, this backup happens only once as the succeeding file transfers will only be for updates.

Carbonite uses a simple system to notify you which files are protected and which ones are not. A solid green dot indicates that the file has been uploaded on the system and is backed up. The presence of a yellow dot signifies that the file will be backed in the future. Absence of dot means the particular file is not backed up. A Folder having green dot with a white circle represents a folder with some files inside that are not backed up.

I couldn’t emphasize more the fact that online storage companies like Carbonite should invest on a tough security system. This is why most companies opt to maintain their own server instead of outsourcing to cloud storage companies even if it means spending a lot more for capital outlay and technical labor.

Carbonite acknowledges that their business and reputation will largely depend on the security they carry out. Files to be backed up will be encrypted with 128-bit Blowfish algorithm. These files are transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is the trusted method of transmission for online banking and ecommerce purposes.

Carbonite makes use of enterprise grade servers which are less prone to disk failure than those in computers. The data centers are equipped with backup generators, temperature thermostat, 24/7 security and biometric scanners for employee access validation. Carbonite also pays for professional security firm who conducts penetration tests to evaluate the company’s security defense.

Customer Support
Immediate customer assistance for Carrbonite subscribers includes access to a customer service hotline and a live chat representative. You can also email your concerns, whatever they may be, to their company.

The basics of how to work with Carbonite is explained in detail on the ‘Getting Started’ page of their website. There are two available versions of these instructions- one for Windows and another for MAC OS users. There are also video tutorials and self-help articles on the site which could be used by anyone. The knowledgebase is comprehensive and is organized based on possible user concerns.

In all honesty, Carbonite offers the same set of features that many other companies provide. What sets them apart is their way of implementing these features without trying much to do so. Their application is one of the most intuitive if not the most. All in all, Carbonite is a trustworthy company that offers consistent and secure file protection and management to home and business users.

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Plans & Pricing
Home Plan:
Unlimited GB for $59.00/yr
HomePlus Plan:
Unlimited GB for $99.00/yr
HomePremier Plan:
Unlimited GB for $149.00/yr
Business Plan:
250GB for $229.00/yr
BusinessPremier Plan:
500GB for $599.00/yr

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