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Online file storage has nowadays almost become synonymous with computing. If you fail to back up your data, you live with the constant risk of losing it forever. Online data storage, also known as cloud storage, is quickly replacing external hard drives as the primary means of storing your precious data. It’s not only fast, but secure as well. External hard drives and other removable storage devices can easily become damaged or lost. Data stored online, by way of a remote server, is protected from this. With more and more service providers available these days, they have also become cheaper than ever.

Three leaders on the data storage market:

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MyPCBackup is a reputable service provider with various plans on offer. They begin at $4.49 per month over 2 years for 75GB of space. Their cheapest Premium plan offers 250GB of space, and costs hardly any extra money, at $4.95 per month over 2 years Their unlimited plans are also very reasonable, starting from $6.95 per month over two years. Shorter contracts are also available, for a slightly higher price. Best of all, they are currently offering a 35% discount off the price of all plans. Read Users’ Reviews

Zipcloud has options beginning at $3.65 a month over 2 years for 75GB, increasing to $5.65 a month for unlimited storage, as long as you still take a 2 year plan. Shorter contracts are of course available at a small price increase.
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Backblaze also have some fantastic unlimited plans, which begin at $3.96 per month for a 2 year contract, as well as $4.17 per month over 1 year. As always, the longer your time commitment, the greater your savings will be, so take care to choose your service wisely.
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Further Important Info

The different services available to you
There are several different types of data backup services currently on the market. They are available to both individual as well as business users. Simple home plans range from covering a single computer to a few devices, and are designed to provide all members of the family with effective backup. In contrast, the business plans are designed with the fact in mind that business users may need to back up hundreds of computers as well as server clusters with top of the line security coverage, including password-protected file sharing options. They also provide multiple levels of access to the data, so that only certain users are authorized to make changes to files.

How much space will fulfill your storage needs?
The key to finding the cheapest online solution to your backup needs is firstly to understand the amount of space you require, in order to back up all of your data. It is true that you may choose not to back up all of your data, opting instead to store only your most important files. Picture the event of a drive failure, though, and be certain that you are completely comfortable with this eventuality! Make sure you really understand your own priorities.
Undoubtedly, if your space requirements are lower than those of most people, the amount of money you need to spend for the backup service will be lower too. However, this does come at the added risk that you are not entirely covered in the event of any mishap that causes your computer to be wiped. Therefore, you ideally need to strike a suitable balance between the risk factor and the price of the plan that you ultimately choose.

The advantages of online data storage
The advantages of having an online service backing up all of your electronic information can be profound. Simply having the facility to access all of your data anywhere and at any time puts you at the forefront of your industry. All you need is an internet connection, and you can view and/or edit your files from any location at all. It’s also almost priceless to have the assurance that all of your data is absolutely safe, no matter what happens to your primary data. In the event of a mishap or disaster, no trading time is lost.

Regardless of your line of work, a major feature of McPCBackup, Zipcloud and Backblaze’s services is their exceptional level of security. They all assure you complete protection of your data, because they employ industry standard encryption protocols to keep it safe. This is the same level of security (at least 128-bit AES encryption) used by banks to conduct your online financial transactions. Rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Whichever service you finally choose to sign up with, remember to determine exactly what you need from them first. The key to finding a cheap backup service that will work for you and your business is to decide which features you need and then balance that against the amount of money you are willing to spend in the long term. This will protect you from disappointment and ensure that your data is securely backed up from this day forward.

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