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Cloud Storage for LinuxThough this isn’t always the case, but if your computers are running the Linux operating system, there is a good chance your computers are used for business. There are a lot of reasons why businesses would be interested in cloud storage services. Obviously, if your computers are running Linux, you’re going to have to use a cloud storage company that’s compatible with that operating system. However, that isn’t the only thing you should consider. You should also look for cloud storage providers that, in addition to being compatible with Linux, are good choices for businesses for other reasons.

Two Leaders on The Linux Storage Market:

SugarSync is compatible with all operating systems, including Linux. They are also a great choice for businesses to depend on for their cloud storage needs is the fact that they offer phone support for their business accounts. Believe it or not, there are some companies that do not even allow their business accounts to contact their customer support team on the phone. Those companies confine their customers to only contacting their support teams via a ticket system or (sometimes) live chat. SugarSync’s system is so easy to use you may not need to contact them anyway, but if this might be an issue for you, it’s certainly worth considering.

Another reason SugarSync is such a great cloud storage company for businesses is the fact that they have such flexible payment plans. As a matter of fact, there are two reasons in particular that we describe these plans as “flexible.” One of those reasons is the fact that, as the need arises, you have the option to add additional user accounts to your plan. Not only that, you also have the option to purchase more space as you need it. As a result, your company can avoid paying for more space (or user accounts) than it really needs while at the same time maintaining the flexibility to upgrade your plan in either of those ways in the future.

Finally, another factor which makes SugarSync such an ideal choice for cloud storage for businesses is their extremely high performance levels. Speed is an important factor when you’re performing backups, especially when you’re dealing with such large amounts of information as even smaller businesses typically deal with. If your backups aren’t happening quickly enough, system resources could be consumed which would be far better utilized in other aspects of your business’ operations in order to keep everything running its smoothest. You won’t have to worry about that with SugarSync. The speed of your backups can be affected on your end, but on their end, the speed rivals that of any other firm.
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Two of the features we just talked about in reference to SugarSync are also applicable to Mozy; those of flexibility and customer service. The feature we’re about to discuss is applicable to both providers as well. The feature we’re talking about is security, and understandably, that is a major concern to businesses. If the customer information you have backed up on these remote servers were to ever be stolen digitally, the economic impact of an event like that on your company could be catastrophic. Fortunately, both providers use levels of encryption that rival that used by several of America’s most prestigious financial institutions.

One feature that separates Mozy from its competitors to some extent is its enhanced mobility. What we mean by that is that they have done a better job of making their services easier to use on a wider variety of devices than some of the other cloud storage companies. One of the ways they have done that is by creating specific apps for the various types of mobile devices that are currently in prominent use. For example, both the Android and iOS platforms have Mozy apps which have been designed specifically for them. If your employees regularly use these types of devices, this is certainly a benefit worth considering.

If your employees do use the kinds of devices that we’ve been talking about, then you’re likely to also be very interested in another benefit that Mozy can offer your business. Mozy offers very easy device syncing. As a result, when one of your employees with access to a particular file changes it, and then saves those changes, those changes will be instantly visible to all of your other employees with access to that same file, regardless of which kind of device the changes were made on, and regardless of which kind of device the file is being viewed with.
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Cloud Storage for LinuxWhen Linux is your operating system of choice, then you need an online storage service provider compatible with Linux, and Mozy and SugarSync fit the bill quite nicely. Add in all of the other benefits mentioned earlier, and it is easy to see why these companies are the perfect choice for Linux users.

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