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CloudMe ReviewIntroduction
CloudMe launched in 2011, and is now available in 170 countries around the world. The company is located in Sweden, which is part of the European Union. This means that your data is stored within the EU and protected by EU laws. Privately held, CloudMe is an independent company, with the largest owner being Xcerion. This free and open service allows users to sync, store and access all of their files in the cloud through a Blue Folder that appears on all devices where CloudMe is used.

Storing files in the cloud means you can easily access them from anywhere, including mobile devices and quickly share them with family and friends. You also have the benefit of a convenient back up, so you never have to worry about losing any of your valuable data.

CloudMe has been designed to excel in the way media files such as music and photos are handled. One example is that you can stream music to your iPhone or Android and create playlists, including music that has been shared to you. Everyone that signs up for the service is automatically given 3 GB of storage for free. You can earn more free space by referring others – up to 19 GB. You can also upgrade to a very reasonably priced paid plan if you need more space. When you start to follow a WebShare that has been given to you, the capacity of your account is increased with what you have been given. This is different compared to other cloud services, which reduces your available space when you accept shared files.

Features of CloudMe

CloudMe is easy to use with a nice colorful user interface. Just download the software and you are all set. With a few clicks of the mouse you can set up the program exactly the way you like, or you can use the default settings. Files are automatically synced and backed up, so you never have to worry about forgetting to save new or changed files. This is done automatically in the background to avoid interfering with your work, or you can do it manually, if you like. With the Blue Folder the service is as easy as Dropbox to use, but in addition CloudMe offers a file system in the cloud, where you optionally can create additional folders for direct access or syncing to your devices. This is perfect for uploading your music or photos collection from a home computer for access and streaming from the cloud, but not having to download your private music and photos to your work computer, which otherwise would have happened if you put everything in the Blue Folder. For more advanced users, this cloud file system can be accessed as a network drive through WebDAV, which is great when using iPad apps like Pages, Keynote or Numbers that support WebDAV. It reminds me of the now discontinued iDisk from Apple.

All files are easy to organize with drag and drop. You can select which folders you want synced automatically, or you can sync manually. Advanced users might also appreciate the ability to set some folder to only upload or download.

CloudMe works with Windows, Mac and Linux and has apps for iPhone, Android, GoogleTV, Samsung TV, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux..


Users can enhance their CloudMe experience by using the program on their iPhone or Android devices. Once you install CloudMe on your device, you are able to easily access and share all of your data. Any changes you make in the cloud, will automatically be available from any device or computer. For example, if you take a picture with the CloudMe iPhone app, and save the photo in the Blue Folder , then you will have access from your personal computer or TV, as well. I would also put the streaming capabilities and the cloud file system as a pro for more advanced users, since this makes CloudMe possible to use for both work and personal files.

Multiple Computers

CloudMe can be installed on your home and work computers whether they are PC, Mac or Linux, so you never have to worry about saving files on a USB drive in order to complete your work at home. If you are at a friends place, you can also access CloudMe using a web browser.

Easy Sharing

Photos can be viewed, and music and videos can be streamed over your smartphone, computer or TV (Google TV or Samsung TV). Files can be shared through email or instant messages, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. CloudMe also notifies your friends if you add something to your already shared folder, so they always have your latest photos or documents. It is interesting to see that sharing to people that do not have a CloudMe account over http and people with a CloudMe account uses the same sharing. The difference is that CloudMe users have the option to follow a WebShare to add the shared files to their own file system.

Customer Service

You have access to a complete FAQ section and community forum, which covers all bugs or glitches you may encounter, as well as any problems you may experience with the service or program. Here users help each other, plus the forums are monitored to ensure all answers are accurate and useful. For additional customer service you can submit an email support inquiry.

Plans and Pricing

CloudMe offers 4 plans, which are:

  • Free plan – a full 3 GB, which is enough space for the average user. The space in this plan can be increased by up to 19 GB by referring other users. Just sign up for the referral program, and every time someone signs up through your link, you earn more space. For every person you refer, you get an additional 500 MB, plus the person you refer also gets 500 MB of free space. This plan has a 150 MB file limit, allows you to sync any folder, WebDAV, photo albums and streaming music.
  • 25 GB for €4.90 per month, has a 150 MB file limit, allows you to sync any folder, WebDAV, photo albums and streaming music.
  • 100 GB for €14.90 per month, offers all of the features as the other plans, plus there is no limit on file sizes.
  • 500 GB for €49.90 per month, no limit on file sizes and all other features are included for no extra charge.

The per month rate is reduced when you pay for your services 12 months in advance. You can change your plan at any time without any penalties or extra charges, except the cost of the upgraded plan.


No Phone support or support for Blackberry. The added flexibility of CloudMe compared to many other cloud storage services makes it a little bit more complex to use, but if you go with the default settings it is comparable to others.


Users can reap the most benefits from using CloudMe by setting it up on all of their devices. The best thing about this company is the seamless sync of files across all your devices, including heavier media files like photos, music and video. I also appreciate it being available on so many platforms, including TV’s and smartphones. With their in-house storage facilities, you know your data will be safe and stored in Europe. With recent questions about privacy of data, this might prove to be a very important feature. If you need a cloud sync solution that works for your private files as well as work files, CloudMe is a very good choice. There are also other companies like CloudTop that integrate to the service, giving you a full cloud desktop to manage your files. There is however no phone support, but aside from that, you cannot go wrong by choosing to store your data with CloudMe.

To signup and for further information, visit

Plans & Pricing

Free Plan:
3 – 19 GB for FREE (depending on referrals)
25 GB:
€4.90/month or €49.90/year
100 GB:
€14.90/month or €149.90/year
500 GB:
€49.90/month or €499.90/year

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