CrashPlan vs BackBlaze

The CrashPlan vs Backblaze debate continues. Both of these online backup service providers have something special to offer. The service you choose depends solely on your personal needs. However, take a close look at some of the key facts about both services to help make your choice a little bit easier…read more

BackBlaze vs Mozy

The fight between Backblaze vs Mozy is on! Every one knows the importance of backing up a hard drive. Every one has had the horrible feeling of their gut sinking down to the bottom of their toes because a sudden computer crash has just caused hours of hard work to disappear….read more

SugarSync vs Dropbox

Two leaders in the file synchronization and online backup industry are Dropbox and SugarSync. As competitors, there is always going to be a healthy rivalry prevailing between the two. I used trial versions of both, and found each of them to be excellent…read more

SugarSync vs Mozy

Computers come and go. With technology constantly advancing, it’s hard to resist the temptation to upgrade to the latest and greatest computers available. But, what about all of the pictures and irreplaceable data on your old computer?…read more

CrashPlan vs Mozy

Every one is talking about cloud computing. The critics say it is nothing more than the pet rock of the decade, while believers say it is the cat’s meow. Who are these critics? In most cases, they are the people that have never tried an online storage service…read more

SugarSync vs Carbonite

The battle between online storage companies continues. By now, most computer users have heard of cloud computing and understand the importance of backing up files on the cloud. That is where the problem begins. How do you decide which provider to use?…read more

Carbonite vs Mozy

In today’s digital world, our entire life is kept on our computers. The days of storing precious family and vacation pictures in shoe boxes in the attic are over. Even our favorite tunes – playlists – are stored on our computer. The increase in mobile apps…read more

SpiderOak vs Sugarsync

We are living in the age of technology and there is nothing more important to us than our gadgets, except maybe the data they hold. If we lose our laptop, our computer crashes or our phone gets misplaced, we can replace them easy enough, but the data stored…read more

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