Do you Really Need 1TB of Online Storage?

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Online storage has pretty much surpassed traditional methods of data storage and backup, as a more cost-effective and secure option for backing up and storing data. Yet when faced with the unlimited storage capacities that most online storage companies offer, most of us are left wondering how much data storage do we really need?

Ask the average person and they’ll probably tell you 1TB is a good amount. The truth is that although 1TB is a considerable improvement, especially when compared to the traditional storage amounts, it’s really not all that much. Consider the various types of data you use and store on a personal level alone—from music to films to photos to documents, etc.—then think about how fast these eat up your computer’s memory.

On average, a 2-hour video can use close to 1.5 GB of space, while a single MP3 file will take up to 8MB of space. A 200 page PDF file can also use up to 12MB of memory—of course this varies, but if you have a bunch of these files, your space will undoubtedly gradually diminish over time. And when you consider all this, it’s easy to see then that 1TB isn’t so large after all.

Is So Much Data Storage Cost Effective?

Nowadays, even the more expensive cloud storage companies give a better bang for their buck than most 1TB hard drives. And the extra benefit of cloud storage is that it won’t break down on you within a few years. Some companies also offer incentives, like giving you 2GB-5GB free for just the first year.

But like anything else, you’ll need to shop around some to find the best prices for online storage, as even for 1TB of storage, prices can vary greatly from around $260 per year, all the way up to $1000. Considering the alternative of pricier hard drives that will break down on you, online storage appears to definitely be the more cost-effective choice.

Online Storage vs. Hard Drives

Among the benefits that online storage offers are less downtime and data loss, heightened security, and the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world at anytime.

And while external hard drives have increased their storage potential (in some cases up to 4TB), they’re really not the best way to save and back up your data. In fact, they don’t really offer any back up options. External hard drives are basically a temporary method for storing information, which is great if you don’t plan on using it consistently. The great thing about the cloud is that it automatically backs up everything.

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The hard drive can also get damaged by extensive use over time, which can create the possibility of losing everything. That’s a big loss for someone who’s spent years acquiring their data. A hard drive’s life span is also just shorter in general. Yet, the cloud will never die.

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