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DrivePop is one of the latest cloud backup companies to join the ranks. It was created in 2013 by the CEO and founder of BurnWorld Inc, Rob Boirun. Boirun has been involved with the storage industry since 2001. Over the years he has worked with a variety of development teams integrating optical disc burning with various products.

Seeing the growing demand for cloud backup, Boirun teamed up with a few well respected experts in the cloud backup industry to create an affordable and secure back up and storage solution. DrivePop headquarters is located in Alabama, US.

Features of DrivePop

DrivePop offers life time plans. All plans include unlimited amount of cloud backup and can be used on one computer to unlimited computers (depends which plan you choose). The prices start at $59.99 and up to $99.99, for life.

Before downloading the software you are asked to choose a subdomain, enter your email address and choose a password before you can move forward. You can select a client for either Windows or Mac.

After the installation, you login into your account with your email address and password to launch the program. Once logged in, you simply select the files you want included in future backups. The app then sits on your system tray in the form of an icon. Anytime you need to access your account to add more files to include in backups or to make changes to your settings, you just have to click on the icon and click on whatever action you wish to take, such as manage backups, pause transfers or view your folders online.

DrivePop prides itself in being the fastest, most secure and most reliable service available. All data is stored in a military grade data center. The program runs silently in the background, so your work is never interrupted. Files are uploaded and backed up automatically. You never have to worry about forgetting to back up your latest work, or new versions of older files. Anything you have set to be backed up will be backed up automatically without any effort on your part.


DrivePop strives to offer the best cloud backup and back up service available. Rob Boirun and his team have been involved with cloud backup for more than a decade, so they know what customers want and need in a cloud backup service.

Easy Access
All accounts offer unlimited cloud backup space so you can store as much as you like. Apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Secure and Reliable
DrivePop uses military grade servers and AES-256 encryption to ensure your data is always safe and secure. You never have to worry about unauthorized access to your account.

Access Your Data From Anywhere
Where ever you are, your data is just a few clicks away. You can access your account from any web browser, tablet or smartphone. With a few clicks you can stream your videos, listen to your music or view your photos from anywhere.

Customer Service
DrivePop offers great customer support. You can chat with a live person. There is an icon on the bottom of the home page that tells you whether or not a live person is available.

Email support is available around the clock. Plus, there is an extensive knowledge base that covers practically any question you might have. Topics in the knowledge base cover tech questions, billing questions and a huge variety of other commonly asked questions

Plans and Pricing


  • Price is $59.99 for life
  • 1 Computer Usage
  • Unlimited cloud backup space to the cloud.
  • Unthrottled bandwidth.
  • Access files from anywhere.
  • Backup to a PC and Mac.
  • Online control panel and APP access.
  • File versioning – up to 30 versions.
  • Scheduling.
  • Free apps – Android, iOS and Win 8.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • $399 savings over 10 years


  • Price is $74.99 for life
  • 5 Computer Usage for backup
  • Unlimited cloud backup space to the cloud.
  • Unthrottled bandwidth.
  • Access files from anywhere.
  • Backup to a PC and Mac.
  • Online control panel and APP access.
  • File versioning – up to 30 versions.
  • Scheduling.
  • Free apps – Android, iOS and Win 8.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • $499 savings over 10 years


  • Price is $99.99 for life
  • Unlimited Computer Usage
  • Unlimited cloud backup space to the cloud.
  • Unthrottled bandwidth.
  • Access files from anywhere.
  • Backup to a PC and Mac.
  • Online control panel and APP access.
  • File versioning – up to 30 versions.
  • Scheduling.
  • Free apps – Android, iOS and Win 8.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • $749 savings over 10 years


The company is still very new, which has many people wondering if it will be around very long. Even though the CEO has a great track record of success, there are no guarantees this company will survive.

If you choose to take the 14 day free trial but do not upgrade when the trial is over, and then decide you do want to stay with the service, you have to download the program again.


The company seems to have a sound business structure. The military grade security means your data will always be safe and secure. With plans starting at just $59.99 FOR LIFE, it is one of the best deals around. If you decide to pay for a plan, the 30 day money back guarantee means it won’t cost you a dime if you find the service is not for you.

For further information and to signup, please visit

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8 Responses to DrivePop Full Review

    By: Adam Gill
    Date: May 31, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    Pricing – what does “for life ” mean??

    How much per month??

    By: Chris H
    Date: July 16, 2014 at 2:29 am

    Caveat Emptor. Buyer beware. Would you trust a company that reneges on a paid storage plan, to safeguard your data? I wouldn’t. Run, run as fast as you can. I purchased a 1 PC, unlimited storage, lifetime cloud storage package with DrivePop online on 11 July 2014. Paid for,only to be informed a few days later that this plan is not available anymore. I was then informed that I could avail of a monthly plan. Despite me informing DrivePop that I had paid for a lifetime plan, I was informed that my subscription is being refunded. So much for customer service. The little things tell you a lot about how a company is run. Consider yourself warned.

    By: DrivePop User
    Date: September 27, 2014 at 6:33 am

    Buyer beware!! Caveat Emptor!
    I’ve been with DrivePop for a few months on the unlimited plan. They unilaterally change their plan and limited the storage to 1TB. They contact me and told me I need to pony up more money. I told them I paid for four years on their unlimited plan and they said their provider was charging them over $1700 for my storage. They will not prorate any refund and told me to share the responsibility of their ‘losses’. I am so glad I didn’t signup for a lifetime subscription to this ripoff company.
    I need to find a place to post my emails from the company so others can see and not lose money on these crooks!

    By: Jerry Witt
    Date: October 7, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    At least the person above GOT a refund. I have had DrivePop for just under a year of my “lifetime” service. I was informed that my account was going to be switched to a monthly plan that I didn’t sign up for. Despite NUMEROUS attempts to get them to abide by our original agreement or issue a refund, they have simply ignored me. It has gotten to the point that they now simply close any support ticket I open.

    By: Oscar
    Date: October 11, 2014 at 12:51 am

    They are scammers.
    Sign you up for life, and then tell you that it does not exist anymore after the 1 month refund time frame.
    Then you are signed up for a year and then you have to pay monthly.
    When you ask for a refund because they changed their terms they respond with the below quote.
    BTW, if you look at their terms and service, it basically says that they can change it anytime to what ever they want.
    Oh ya, and they are still advertising for life service.

    “Please review our terms of service. We do not offer a refund after 30 days of purchase.
    You might as well stay and get your value worth until May 2015.”

    By: Billy G.
    Date: December 2, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Stay away!!! I paid for an lifetime unlimited PC and Unlimited data plan.
    It took over 30 days of leaving my PC on 24 hrs a day to upload approx 2 TB.
    Less than a year later all the terms changed.
    Unlimited now means less than 1 TB
    Lifetime means until DrivePop decides to change the plan. For me it was less than a year.
    To rub salt in the wound… DrivePop just sent me an email SPECIAL. I can upgrade my Unlimited plan to a 2 TB plan for only 39.99 Lifetime. They will never get more of my money.
    DrivePop is just a LiveDrive reseller. They pay LiveDrive $59.99 a month and LiveDrive hosts all the drives.

    By: Pissed off
    Date: February 25, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    I bought a one time charge, lifetime backup plan for $75 plus $4.00 service charge in September 2013. Now they tell me that too bad, you lose your service as of March 8th. I reported fraud with my credit card. I suggest you do the same. Get them charged back.

    By: Lee Hawkins
    Date: March 11, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    The reason you don’t see any positive reviews here is because there aren’t any. I have had nothing but issues since I signed up for this. They continually cancel my lifetime account and try to bill me for more $ etc. I have to spend a lot of time emailing them to get it corrected. I have told them I will contact an attorney and sue for breech of contract, theft of services etc. and they restore my service only to do it all over again in a few months. I have also been told by a rep of the actual software/program (livedrive) that I can send an email to them directly and they will look into it since drivepop is an authorized dealer/rep for them. Good luck!

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