Egnyte Review

Egnyte Review

Egnyte HybridCloud bridges the cloud divide in a way that allows administrators to control the flow of content. It also allows business partners and local or remote employees to access, share, store, and backup the files they need to do business. While it may be a bit on the pricey side, Egnyte, with its easy-to-use file sharing system and broad pricing plans, can find a useful place in any office or corporation that values file accessibility.

Features of Egnyte HybridCloud

Egnyte HybridCloud is all about simplicity, scalability, and security. For those of businesses and people who cannot afford a loss of files, or who need to share files within a group, Egnyte offers deals that are hard to beat. While a touch expensive for the average consumer, the benefits of Egnyte HybridCloud are hard to match. Businesses can set up a central shared repository of files accessible anytime from a vast array of devices: Androids, iPhones, iPads, Mac, PC, or any other web-enabled device. The easily shareable file system that can distribute files of any size across the world is a handy tool, and the fact that you can set files to a local cloud for offline access means that your team can get to work whether the internet is up or not.


Plans That Fit Your Business
Egnyte HybridCloud offers free trials with any bundle your company chooses, with no credit card required. The sizes of the packages vary:

Small Business Bundles

  • A Group plan for five employees—150 GB of storage for $24.99 per month.
  • An Office plan for ten employees—1 TB of storage for $44.99 per month.

Large Organizations

  • An Enterprise plan for unlimited employees—3 TB for $12.99 per employee per month.

The Group and Office plans each come with Desktop Sync and Enterprise-class security, with the Office plan also including no limit to file sizes (the Group limit is 2 GB) and FTP support (which the Group bundle lacks). The Enterprise plan includes all that and more, including Server Sync, which includes an office local cloud as well as an enterprise local cloud, managed encryption keys, audit reports, LDAP and AD integrations, Outlook integration and premium support.

Egynte HybridCloud uses 256-AES encryption. Egnyte offers the same level of protection for its Group bundle users as it does for its Enterprise users.

User Account Features
With Egnyte’s distinct classes of users (Power Users and Standard Users), it has never been easier for a company to determine who has access to what documents, and who has the ability to change or add permissions onto sensitive files.

Power Users – employees of the company who have full access to Egnyte features, including accessing files via web browser, FTP client, and their mobile device.

Standard Users – no desktop access, no personal local cloud and no access to the office or enterprise local cloud, but they can still access their files via mobile devices or the internet.

Offline Access Capabilities
Depending on your bandwidth limitations and frequency of your internet, cloud storage solutions can become cloud storage headaches. Egnyte faced this problem head-on by including two components of their storage system: an Egnyte Cloud Filer Server and the Egnyte Local Cloud. Because people can access the local cloud even during times of internet downtime, that means that your company can save money while others are waiting for their webpages to load. There are personal local clouds for home offices, office local clouds for branches and other small offices, and enterprise local clouds to service multi-office scenarios.

Mobile Access

The Egnyte Enterprise Apps support all iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, Android apps on mobile Phones, Xoom, Galaxy, Nook, Kindle, etc. and Windows Mobile and HP webOS for Touchpad users. Users can download and save files for offline access, as well.

Customer Support
Customer support for Egnyte HybridCloud is second to none. Whether your questions relate to billing or technical support, from sales to suggestions and feedback, they have you covered. With their live web training of the software, community help boards, product solution documents (manuals, white papers, etc.), and training videos, Egnyte makes sure they will be there for their customers 24×7.


The price for this service puts it out of range for many people. Despite all the great features it possesses, many people have no need for things like Power and Standard users or administrator audits, and so would not pay the extra money to have them.

The Bottom Line:

Egnyte is designed for small or large businesses. The home user will probably find the service too expensive. Of course, you get what you pay for, and in the long run, Egnyte can save you money by protecting you from lost or corrupted files and downtime due to internet loss.

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Plans & Pricing
Group Plan:
150GB for $24.99/month (5 employees)
Office Plan:
1TB for $44.99/month (10 employees)
Group Plan:
5TB for $12.99/employee/month (25 employees minimum)
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