ElephantDrive Review

Whether you use your computer for work or personal reasons, you know how tragic it can be to lose important data. Keeping uncorrupted back ups is vital. Computers crash or are lost or stolen every day. Replacing all of your files is a huge hassle, and the worst part is that some files are irreplaceable. But who wants the bother of an external hard that has to be stored in a fire and flood proof safe?

ElephantDrive online storage is the solution. The company compares itself to an elephant – big, never forgets and works for peanuts. ElephantDrive provides more advanced features like mapped drive, file sharing, external drive support, drag and drop backup functionality, and saves older versions of modified files for 30 days. However, some customers may not be happy with the limit on file sizes and the need to use Java.

Features of ElephantDrive
ElephantDrive operates on the Amazon Web Services S3 technology, which ensures customers they are dealing with two companies renown for reliability, security, and excellent customer service. The company offers users complete control over their account. Users can fine-tune their backup settings to meet personal needs and requirements, or simply use the hassle free “set it and forget it” feature.


Plans for Every Need
ElephantDrive offers a 2 GB free plan, a free trial without the need of a credit card and three main paid plans – 2 for personal use, and several for larger businesses and enterprises, depending on storage requirements.

Personal plans:

  • 100 GB for $9.95 per month and up to 2TB for $169.95 per month.

Business plan:

  • Starting at $25 per month for 50 GB all the way up to $1840 per month for 5TB .

All plans allow file sharing and options to configure backups to suit individual or business needs.

Backup Speed
ElephantDrive was tested in various scenarios, and each time the company outperformed the competition by executing faster backups, without slowing down the system. ElephantDrive has focused much of their engineering towards this goal, and the tests show their efforts have been successful. System usage is minimal, as well. Far less than that of what Mozy uses, even when in Mozy throttle mode, however, ElephantDrive tends to use quite a bit of memory.

Configuration Settings
Users have complete control over their backup and restoration processes at a much more advanced level than any of the competition. Files can be backed up by type, or you can choose to back up entire folders daily, weekly or monthly. Files can be restored right over the web and restored files can be viewed online, allowing you to see exactly which files were backed up.

Mapped Drive
With the ElephantDrive trunk feature you can map a drive on your computer and view its contents with Windows Explorer or MacOS finder. You may also open files in your trunk with any office application, change them and save them directly in your trunk. This is in addition to the desktop application, which allows you to schedule a backup, restore files, download and upload files to and from your trunk, as well as share files with other ElephantDrive users.

Drag & Drop Ability
This is a feature every online backup provider should offer. It is extremely useful in case you miss a file you wanted to back up. Simply select the file from your computer and drag it into “My Trunk” online and the back up begins instantly.

Simple File Sharing
To share a file, simply highlight it in “My Trunk” and click “share.” There is no public sharing, therefore the person you want to share the file with must have an account with ElephantDrive in order to see the file you wish to share.

Customer Support
ElephantDrive offers full customer support with a complete FAQ section and knowledge database. For more serious questions, customers can email the company, send in a support ticket or learn from one of the online tutorials.


Limitations on Individual File Sizes
Personal users are limited to file sizes of 1 GB, the family plan allows 2 GB and enterprise uses are allowed 5 GB. Most users won’t find this to be a problem, however anyone working with large video or multimedia files could find this troublesome.

Customer Service Sometimes Slow
Several customers have found that response times to emails, support tickets and voice messages are sometimes slow. Most customers, however have not experienced these problems.

Plans and Pricing
There are many plans available on ElephantDrive. However, the prices are very high compared to other online backup services like MyPCBackup or ZipCloud.

The Bottom Line
Overall, ElephantDrive provides a strong product, is based on the Amazon Web S3 technology and is focused on improving its services, functionality and speed as technology permits. For a solid backup solution, ElephantDrive is an excellent choice.

To sign in and for further information, visit ElephantDrive.

Plans & Pricing
  • No multiple users.
  • File size maximum: 1GB.

$9.95/month for 100GB
$19.95/month for 250GB
$39.95/month for 500GB
$59.95/month for 750GB
$85.95/month for 1TB
$169.95/month for 2TB

  • Multiple users(5-50 users – depends on plan).
  • File size maximum: 5GB.
Starting at $25/month for 50GB
And goes all the way to $1840/month for 5TB

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