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FlipDrive is not your ordinary online backup service provider. They have features that you don’t normally see with other companies, such as an online calender, a contact management system and a daily task reminder. Many users find these features very convenient. But, what really sets them apart from the others (not in a good way) is the lack of automatic or scheduled backups. If you lose track of what you have and what you have not backed up, you could potentially lose some valuable data.

Features of FlipDrive


Easy to Use
There is no desktop client to download. Users simply sign up, log in and start uploading files. The service is very clean and straightforward, without complicated options or settings to tweak. Advanced users that prefer to have things “just so” might find this setup too basic, but novice users will be relieved with the simplicity. File sharing is also very easy. You have complete control over who can view your files, and which files they may see. This feature is very helpful when collaborating on projects with others.

Plans For All Needs

FlipDrive offers a lifetime, 5 GB free account, and a free 15 day trial on all other plans.


  • 5 GB free for life.
  • 25 MB file size limit.
  • up to 5 file sharing links.
  • share up to 5 folders.


  • 10 GB.
  • $4.95 per month.
  • 1 GB file size limit.
  • up to 50 file sharing links.
  • share up to 50 folders.
  • direct links to files.
  • faster uploads .


  • 50 GB.
  • $9.95 per month.
  • no limit on file size.
  • no limit on file sharing links.
  • no limit on shared folders.
  • direct links to files.
  • faster uploads .


  • 100 GB.
  • $19.95 per month.
  • no limit on file size.
  • no limit on file sharing links.
  • no limit on shared folders.
  • direct links to files.
  • faster uploads .

Backing Up Files
The service is completely online. That means you can upload files or access stored data from any computer, anywhere. You can store any type of file – photos, documents, PDF files, even contact lists and bookmarks. That means you have all of your information in one, easy to access location. You can be anywhere in the world, and still have complete access to your files. But, it also means that all backups have to be done manually. Most of the other storage providers use a client that continually scans your computer for any file changes and uploads these changes automatically.

Not having a desktop app has advantages. First, everything is online, so files can be uploaded and accessed from any computer, using any web browser, and using any platform. Second, there is no program running in the background using up valuable CPU resources or virtual memory. Your upload speeds depend only on your internet bandwidth and the amount of data being backed up. Although, the company does claim faster uploads for paid accounts.

Customer Support
The main support is offered by way of an online question/contact form. There is a small FAQ section that answers most of the basic questions a user may have.


No Automatic Backups
FlipDrive doesn’t have automatic or scheduled backups, which can be bothersome. There also is no Backup Now or Start Backup button. To back up a file, it has to be selected manually, and revisions or changes also have to be saved manually. And you have to keep an eye on files sizes, especially with the free plan which limits file sizes to 25 MB.

Security is a big factor with online storage, which is another area where this company falls short. Accounts are protected by a personal password and encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology during transmission, but that is about all. The data stored on the servers is left unencrypted and unprotected against hackers or curious employees. The company also doesn’t say where the servers are located and whether or not the data centers are physically monitored or protected from natural disasters, hardware failure or power outages.

No Phone Support
Email support is fine for most problems, but many users like instant answers via phone support or live chat, which FlipDrive does not offer.


This online storage providers seems to be lacking in many areas. The biggest problems are the manual backups and scant security. However, for a simple backup solution, or “Internet Hard Drive” as the company calls itself, it meets all of the basic requirements. A big attraction is the photo album sharing option. Basic cloud computing users like to have a convenient way of sharing pictures with family and friends. As these are usually not confidential files, the limited security is not an issue. Try the free 5 GB storage plan to see for yourself if FlipDrive is the right online storage solution for your needs.

To sign in and for further information, visit FlipDrive.

Plans & Pricing
5 GB for FREE
10GB for $4.95/month
50GB for $9.95/month
100GB for $19.95/month
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