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Maintaining your own server is no easy task. It takes a dedicated technical department to make sure that security is up to date. Network maintenance should also be scheduled regularly. Downtimes would cause problems so you still need to get another server to balance loads. The cost of obtaining these servers is not cheap. Getting the service of a cloud computing company to do all those tasks for you is more cost-effective and convenient.

Pro Softnet Corporation has made a name for itself in providing enterprise ready solutions to businesses. The company has provided software consulting service to a diverse range of businesses that consist of Fortune 500 companies. They have used their experience to create a new line of business still related to internet and technology but with a different focus. iBackup is a brainchild of this company. iBackup offers robust storage space management that has advanced features for your every demand. The next sections will talk about this in detail.

iBackup safeguards your data in case of a system crash or downtime by backing it up automatically on their own data center. iBackup for Windows is their product that enables unattended backups of critical data using mirror and relative path options. Customers are also given the chance to modify the schedule and reporting options of the automated backup process.

The backup process in iBackup is incremental to help reduce the network bandwidth usage. That means, that only modified portions of the files will be transferred to the system using the Delta Blocking Technology. This type of logic detects the file changes that will be transmitted. Having all the files backed up time and again can cause some problems on your network speed and browsing capabilities. The company does not want to cause application failures while the files are transferred.

The other features offered by iBackup go beyond the normal inclusions you can see on other services. Unlike other providers, they support and allow the backup process for popular databases like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Server. Aside from these database types, they also allow the protection of system-related components using the ‘System State Backup’. Up to 30 file versions can be retrieved and restored.

Let’s say you are near the end of a system backup process when the internet experiences an interruption. It would be really frustrating to start all over again. With iBackup, you can resume file transfer as if nothing happened.

Ease of Use:
The graphical interface of iBackup may look intimidating at first. This is because the system offers a whole lot of other features you won’t find in other applications. This is not to say though that it is difficult and not user-friendly. With a few minutes of practice, you would easily get used to the buttons that are important to facilitate your needs.

The iBackup application is lightweight and quick to install. The application can help you easily setup a private encryption key that is never stored on any iBackup server. Make sure that you remember this password as you won’t be able to retrieve anything without it. The desktop application also has straightforward way to help you set up backup parameters and schedules. You can go straight to the Help section on the toolbar for a step-by-step procedure.

iBackup also has a web manager that gives you the ability to manage your account using a web browser. Advanced features like file sharing, password encryption, retrieval of versions, restoring deleted files and historical information can all be made online. To make things better for customers outside US, iBackup supports major international langauges like Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian and so on.

IBackup knows the importance of protecting your files from unwanted intervention. This can be seen with the comprehensive manner by which they protect the data every chance they can. The security working under iBackup uses 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined encryption key to prevent unauthorized access. This encryption is proven to be a tough algorithm to crack for hackers. Even if they are able to intercept data transmission, electronic data is sort of impossible to decipher.

The iBackup application runs using multiple world-class data center locations. The data centers are equipped and fabricated with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems, braced racks, advanced smoke detection system, fire control system, motion sensors, secured access, surveillance and security breach alarms.

The system stores each subscriber’s data in directories that are completely separate from the other account files. The web and desktop application restrict other users from using your storage space. Lastly, all files stored on each data center are always duplicated on another location for more security.

Customer Support:
Five days a week, you can ask help from their customer service hotline that serves users inside and outside US. They also have live chat support specialists available 24/7 to aid subscribers in their questions. A technical support request form can be filled out to generate attention on your technical problems.

Being a true professional on every aspect, iBackup presents a user manual which contains the service’s features, system requirements, step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips. The manual is complete with screenshots to facilitate better information dissemination. iBackup also encourages user interaction by producing an avenue for it through the forum.

The architecture of iBackup has been designed to consider the growing memory space needs of users. iBackup is a premier company offering reliable and secure online storage, backup, remote access and sharing solutions for businesses. It is no wonder that it is the choice of global corporations and business professionals. Their advanced features can be a bit of overwhelming for some but these features signify how serious they are in their vision to be the best. Their price, while still in good range for its features, is more targeted towards businesses with a great need to encrypt and store their files on formidable data servers. If you want a complete and dedicated provider, iBackup should be high on your list.

To sign in and for further information, visit iBackup.

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