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The first thing you will notice about KeepIt, it that it is very simple and straightforward. Which means it is an online backup solution for your precious data – nothing more and nothing less. If you need to share files, sync between computers and devices, throttle your bandwidth or access your files remotely, then this is not the company for you.

Features of KeepIt


Affordable Plans

KeepItoffers a 30 day free trial with no credit card required, plus a 30 day money back guarantee.

Home Plan includes:

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Secure top-rate 256-bit Rijndael encryption.
  • Ease of use – simply select which files to backup and KeepItdoes the rest.
  • Backup any file – no exceptions.
  • Automatic daily backups .
  • £4.95 per month (approx. $7.73 USD).

KeepIt Pro Desktop

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Secure top-rate 256-bit Rijndael encryption.
  • Ease of use – simply select which files to backup and KeepIt does the rest.
  • Backup any file – no exceptions.
  • Automatic daily backups .
  • Effective distribution – allows you to distribute and install user licenses on multiple desktops.
  • Centralized configuration – allows you to apply specific backup policies to certain desktops, selected groups of users or to the entire business account .
  • Centralized management – manage several users, desktops and backups .
  • Customized reporting – customized reports and alerts are sent to users and administrators.
  • $14.95 per month.

KeepIt Pro Server

The same features as KeepIt Pro Desktop, the only difference being scalability. This lets you scale the capacity of your backup license to suit your needs. Prices start at $49.00 per month for 100 GB and can be increased as the need arises.

Initial backups always take a considerable amount of time because of the sheer volume of data that needs to backed up. KeepIt performs as well or better as any other backup service provider, in this aspect. On a typical broadband connection you can expect about 500MB of data to be backed up in about 30 minutes. Not too shabby!

KeepIt compresses files before transmission to the server. This method saves time and bandwidth, thereby contributing to the performance of the program. If an interruption occurs during the backup, the system automatically resumes right where it left off when the computer is rebooted or the connection is re-established.

KeepIt may be lacking in a few of the fancy bells and whistles other providers offer, but they have not skimped one bit on security. They use 256-bit encryption technology to encrypt data before transmission, during transmission and while in storage at the secure data center.

The privacy and security is increased with your own encryption key, preventing even the most trusted employee from peeking at your files. Unlike other online storage providers where the data is lost forever if you lose your key, KeepIt is able to restore your key, but only after 10 days.

KeepIt not only protects data with technological methods, physical safekeeping measures are employed, as well. The company uses several secure and well-equipped data centers located in various geographical locations that protect against natural and other disasters.

Restoring Data
The restore process is also very simple. Simply click the Restore tab, view all the backups saved and select whether to restore all of your files and folders or just the ones you need. By default, restored files are downloaded to the Desktop, but you can choose any destination. A backup history is kept for up to 60 days. This means files that have been deleted by accident, can still be restored within 60 days.

Customer Support
Customer support offers a basic FAQ section, online help guides and email support.


No Phone or Live Chat
Help is only available via email and the self-help guides and FAQ section. However, they guarantee a response within 24 hours, but most people don’t like to wait that long.

Daily Backups
Backups occur daily, so any file changes after the daily backup will not be backed up until the next day. For most users this won’t be much of an issue, but it is an important thing to remember.

Remote Access
At this time, KeepIt doesn’t offer any mobile or web access. Users can only access their data from the desktop client installed on the computer.


KeepIt delivers exactly what it promises – safe, secure file storage and automatic backups. The unlimited storage and ease of use may appeal to many users, but with the wide spread use of mobile devices, many will be tempted to go with another provider instead. With today’s digital lifestyle people expect much more from an online service provider that KeepIt has to offer. But, with a money-back guarantee and 30 day free trial, you have nothing to lose by giving them a try.

To sign in and for further information, visit KeepIt.

Plans & Pricing
Home Plan:
UNLIMITED storage for £4.95/month (approx. $7.73)
Keepit Pro Desktop:
UNLIMITED storage for $14.95/month
Keepit Pro Server:
100GB storage for $49.00/month
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