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KeepVault was established in 2005 with one goal in mind – to develop innovative software that was user-friendly to help people connect better in today’s digital world.Introduction
Although they have been around for several years, KeepVault is still considered fairly new on the scene because they are still improving their services and still seem to be trying to “catch up” with other providers. Their software is designed to work with Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Windows Home Server. There are two plans to choose from – one is primarily focused on the home user and the other is directed more towards businesses.

Features of KeepVault


Easy to Use
KeepVault was created to be easy and convenient to use. Before you commit to a plan, you can download the unique Estimator Tool. This tool helps you figure out how much storage space you require, so you will know how much you have to spend, because the company custom tailors the pricing. Prices for the home plan start at $46 for 40 GB per year, so you choose how many GB you need to determine how much you will pay. Once you know this, simply set up the program and start the initial back up. Or, try the 15 day / 15 GB free trial, no credit card required, and you can purchase a plan at any time during trial.

Installation only takes a few minutes and the whole process is self-explanatory. Windows users will find the interface very familiar and easy to navigate.

Backing up Files
Once the installation is finished, you will be prompted to choose which files and folders you want to backup. You also have the option of including local backups to a USB or external hard drive, and whether you want scheduled backups or continuous, real time backups.

Once you have fine-tuned the settings, or opted to stick with the default settings, the backup will start automatically. The settings can be changed at any time. Under the advanced settings, you can choose how much bandwidth to use and what types of alerts you wish to receive.

During the backup, you can check on the progress. You will see which files are currently being backed up, the number of files that have been saved, the storage space used and how much space is still available.

Unlike most online back up service providers, KeepVault actually claims fast uploads. The standard plan has upload speeds of 2 mbps and 5 mbps with the pro and business plans. The continuous backup works quietly in the background, without disrupting your work.

A backup service isn’t worth a bag of beans without solid security. KeepVault stores files in their secure Tier3+ data centers. You have the option of using a custom encryption key, so not even employees of the company can access your files. Of course, this means they will not be able to retrieve a lost or forgotten key, so if you lose it, your files will be inaccessible.

Remote and Mobile Access
Both home and pro users can access files remotely via any computer or device connected to the internet. Mobile access is also available for iOS and Android devices.

Restoring Data
File recovery is quick and easy. Just click the restore tab found on the main interface and you are given three data recovery choices – One-click, Selective Recovery, or Selective Download.

  • One-click – This option restores everything backed up in your account. Depending on the amount of data you have stored and your bandwidth, this could take some time. But, the nice part is that you get everything back, without overwriting any existing files.
  • Selective Recovery – You select which files you want restored. Selected files will go back to their original location.
  • Selective Download – This option is only available for pro plan users. You choose where you would like the downloaded files to go.

Customer Support
KeepVault offers a wide array of self-help resources. There is a complete FAQ section, a quick start guide, virtual tutorial tours and support forums. Email and live chat help is also available.


Although the data is stored securely at the data centers, the transfers don’t provide the security some services provide. Transmissions are sent using only 128-bit encryption for home users. However, the pro plan offers 256-bit encryption, which most companies offer as a standard for all plans.

Paying for phone support is a big turn off.


For basic needs, the home plan is a good deal. It doesn’t have as many features as the pro plan, but only costs $46 for 40 GB per year. You choose how many GB you need, and you can backup an unlimited number of computers, providing you stay within your storage limit.

The pro and business plans start at less than $7 per month with no per seat, or server fees and no additional bandwidth costs.

Both plans offer a 15 day, no obligation trial period. So, give KeepVault a try and see if it meets your needs.

To sign up and for further information, visit KeepVault.

Plans & Pricing
Home Plan:
Starts at 40GB. Prices:
$4.26/month OR $46/year (save 10%) OR $77/2 years (save 25%)
Continues to 1TB. Prices:
$86.11/month OR $930/year (save 10%) OR $1550/2 years (save 25%)
Up to 5TB. Prices:
$412.96/month OR $4460/year (save 10%) OR $7434/2 years (save 25%)
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