Livedrive Review

With the onset of compact gadgets that have limited memory capacities, there is an observable increase in the demand for cloud storage services. Just type a quick search in Google and you would be surprised to see the quantity of cloud storage providers in the market. Livedrive is a cloud storage provider that helps you efficiently backup your files. By using their service, you can retrieve your files even after unfortunate instances like that of when your computer breaks down. Livedrive believes that everyone should have their own affordable and reliable personal storage on the Internet. They make it their mission to be a competitive force in the business by providing excellent service and support.

Managed by well-known persons in the fields of technology and cloud computing, Livedrive has a well-though-of set of features that exceeds industry standard. They listen to what subscribers want and they do their best to provide it.

A perfect example is memory storage space. Sometimes, no matter how big the memory space is, it still isn’t enough. Livedrive offers unlimited memory space with their backup service. Safely storing your videos, animations, presentations, and pictures wouldn’t be a problem with Livedrive. This feature enables them to be one of the fastest growing cloud storage company in the world.

Another great feature of their Briefcase package is that it has the ability to add seamlessly another drive (drive L in this case) to your computer’s operating system. It acts as if it is an actual drive that makes transferring of files between folders very manageable. Aside from that, they also quickly update your file changes on every device that Livedrive is installed. Businesses would greatly benefit on this real time collaboration feature and their fast data transfer rates.

The features don’t end there. With just one click, Livedrive can send your pictures to social media sites like Facebook and Flickr. This feature makes uploading photos much faster because of the easy drag and drop feature. Unlike other providers, streaming movies and music through directly accessing Livedrive is possible. Your MS Office documents can also be modified online giving you full flexibility since this service can also be used in iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

In terms of file sharing, Livedrive allows three sets of permissions to quickly share your files online. They have a ‘One Click Sharing’ feature that can make the files available for either public or private use. Files deleted as well as versions of file changes are kept within the system for 30 days. Deleted files can be restored anytime between this period with just one click.

There are serious effects on business and personal privacy if security is compromised. Livedrive takes pride in having a military grade AES-256 encryption system to keep files as secured as possible. You would feel more secured when you know that this Advanced Encryption Standard is the same algorithm used by governments all over the world to protect classified electronic data. This feature has rewarded them with positive reviews from authority websites and publications like PC Pro, Network World and Tech Reader among others.

Customer Support:
Customer service can be the difference between a lead and a deal. The people at Livedrive know this and so they have devised ways to help their customers have a positive experience. Upon signup, you can immediately read through their prepared FAQ and knowledgebase section. There is also a peer and forum section where you can interact with other customers of Livedrive. If those don’t satisfy your concern, you can submit a case ticket that will be entertained within 24 hours. They have support specialists seven days a week to ensure that customers are assisted and satisfied with the service.

Just like other cloud storage provider, Livedrive offers a few price schemes depending on your requirements. The cheapest package is only around $7.95 a month which can be lowered to $80 a year. This package comes with unlimited backup service for one PC. The package which includes the backup service for five PCs and 5TB online storage space will cost $250 a year. This package offers the one click file sharing feature as well as the social media file transfer. These prices are relatively affordable as compared to similar product offerings in the industry. You can have a feel of how the service works if you get started by availing of their two weeks no commitment free trial promotion.

The number of available cloud storage services makes it difficult for consumers to find the right one for their needs. The unlimited storage space provided for by Livedrive is a massive factor to consider in choosing their service. The prices of their packages are conservative and appropriate for small and starting business proprietors who don’t have the necessary funds to maintain their own server. Even college students can afford their rates. Livedrive aims to battle out competitors with all the great features discussed above.

To sign in and for further information, visit LiveDrive.

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