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As the need for online data backup increases day by day, several questions arise along with it. Possibly the most important of these is ‘What should I be aware of when choosing a backup service for my business, as opposed to one that’s just for personal use?’ Online backup requirements for businesses differ in many aspects from those of an individual storing data for personal use. There are many companies providing online backup solutions, and they all offer various package options. Mozy offers a special plan for businesses – MozyPro. It’s biggest competitor, SugarSync also offers a great plan for businesses.

Important points to consider when purchasing online backup for a business:

  • The potential for multiple users:
    Your online data backup service should ideally enable any number of different, but authorized, people to access and update files as needed. It usually works best if individuals have their own login information so that access can be monitored. Many companies provide the option of creating public links to files, which can then be shared with whomever you choose. However, the added security of personal logins can help to protect data if the links fall into the wrong hands.
  • Continuous automatic backup:
    As the size of your business grows, the amount of important data you have grows as well. Naturally, this data needs to be updated and backed up continuously. Doing this manually is very time consuming and is a task that is easily overlooked until it’s far too late. Consider choosing a service where your data backup is automatically updated at intervals you decide upon.
  • Allocated storage space:
    Even a small business usually needs at least 500 GB of storage space. This is not generally enough for larger companies, however, and any limitation on storage space naturally puts a limit on the extent to which your business can grow. Unlimited storage space is therefore optimal for any business, and you will find many service providers offering this at a reasonable cost.
  • Longevity of data:
    Some services store data in their archives for only a limited period of time if the account is not backed up continuously. They may actually remove data if it is not accessed within a certain timeframe. Do make absolutely sure that you understand your company’s policy on this. If you do decide to go with a service that periodically deletes archived data, ensure that you have a local copy made of anything you wish to keep in the long term.
  • Cost effectiveness:
    As most businesses need online storage space, competition is fierce between providers, and they simply must provide cost effective packages. The subscription charge is important. However, once you are locked in, it’s often difficult to change providers before 6-12 months has elapsed, depending on your contract. Test out a few trial packages first before making your final decision.
  • The size and reputation of the service provider:
    The size of the service provider does matter. If the storage website closes all of a sudden due to bankruptcy or any other issue, all your valuable data will be gone with it. This can hamper your business exponentially. So, make sure you subscribe with one of the most reputable service providers available. The top ten companies on the market are listed here.
  • Simplicity:
    Make sure your account is simple to navigate and all features are user friendly. Your provider should offer plenty of access to a help desk, whether it’s via email, telephone or online chat. As most business data needs to be accessed by multiple users, complicated features can lead to errors that will affect your business negatively. Also make sure that the enrolment procedures, as well as all terms and conditions, are easily understandable and clearly explained.
  • CPU friendliness:
    Your online backup definitely should not interfere with the running of any of your other business applications. Your backup program must be able to run in the background while you are using your computer for normal business. Also, make sure that automatic updates for your backup software are able to be set so that they do not noticeably interfere with the speed of your internet connection during work hours.
  • Safety and security:
    All reputable online backup services provide at least 128-bit AES encryption, which is the same level of security as a bank. Some even offer 256-bit encryption, making your data doubly secure. This level of security is the norm for any decent online backup service.
  • Number of computers:
    Depending on the size of your business, the number of individual computers you have in use is likely to increase over time. A large business has numerous computers that need to be backed up simultaneously. Make sure you sign up with a service that can provide simultaneous backup for all of the computers involved in your business, and will easily be able to accommodate your needs if the number of computers you use increases.
  • Online data backup and storage is a business necessity these days. Choose your provider with care, and you will be assured of peace of mind for years to come.
    Before choosing your backup provider, read about MozyPro and SugarSync For Business.

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