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Pictures are the most important files that some people have on their computers. Even for people who own files for which they paid individually, such as songs and movies, pictures often represent a far greater level of sentimental value. Expensive files can be purchased again, but the moments captured in the photographs of which we speak will never happen again. Weddings, vacations, and even a child’s first steps are examples of these kinds of moments. Therefore, if these pictures were to ever be lost, the emotional impact of that loss could be quite devastating. Since many of these pictures only exist in digital form, it is all the more important to protect them.

Online Picture Storage – Three leaders in the market:

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MyPCBackup is another company you could purchase online picture storage from. Though they do not offer a free plan, if you’re going to need more space than the Mozy free plan offers anyway (2 GB), then you might want to consider them, primarily because they offer a couple of specific, useful features which some other online picture storage services do not. One of those features is something we like to call social sharing. Photographs are meant to be shared, and Facebook and Twitter are already two of the most popular ways that people share their photographs with one another. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you should be able to share whatever photos you’ve stored online on those services with the click of a mouse. Using MyPCBackup, you can.

Of course, that isn’t the only thing you can do using MyPCBackup. You can also access your photos from anywhere with an active internet connection, on any device. For example, if you’re out and about, and you run into an old friend whom you’d like to show some pictures of your kids to, you’ll be able to do that without any problem

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Just like Mozy, ZipCloud also offers a free plan if you are comfortable with limitations on the amount of storage space that you’ll have access to. Though they aren’t as fully featured as MyPCBackup in some ways, they offer a good compromise for users that don’t care about those extra bells and whistles in that they are slightly less expensive. As a matter of fact, another reason they represent such a good financial value is that one of their plans, which itself isn’t very expensive (from $6.95/month), allows for unlimited storage space. Therefore, if you have such a large number of pictures to store that the other plans won’t give you enough space, this is a fabulous option.

Keep in mind, it is possible to run into a problem using one of these services even if you’re only using it for online photo storage. If that ever happens, you will have a number of different customer support options available to you. First, you’ll be able to look up the answer to your questions in their knowledge base or FAQs. If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll be able to contact their customer support team via live web chat.
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There are a number of services you can subscribe to that will provide you with online picture storage. Mozy is one such service. With your precious photos safely stored online, you won’t have to worry if your computer is lost, stolen, or damaged. For a number of different reasons, online backup services are impervious to those kinds of risks. Plus, if you’re online storing two gigabytes or less worth of files, which is entirely possible if all you are storing is photographs, Mozy will let you do so for free. If you do need more space than that, their prices are still very reasonable.

Another great thing about Mozy (and other online picture storage services) is the fact that the servers they maintain are extremely secure. Not only are the servers themselves secure, the encryption employed while your pictures are being transferred back and forth is secure, as well. As a matter of fact, it is exactly the same level of encryption utilized on some of the computers belonging to the United States military. Perhaps more important to those of you who will only be storing pictures, another way Mozy secures your files is by making sure that in the unlikely event their servers fail, redundant backups have been maintained.
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Each of these services are useful for more than just online photo storage, though they are excellent for that. When you’re storing anything online, photos included, you can be thankful for the security steps which online storage companies take in order to protect your data. If you have entire USB drives full of photos you want to store online, you might want to go with ZipCloud. If you have a normal amount, a free service like Mozy should be fine, but if you’re looking for something a little more fully featured, you might want to go with MyPCBackup. Whichever one you choose, you can rest easy knowing that none of your precious memories will ever be lost again.

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