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What is online backup and how does it work?

In this article, we are going to examine online backup. It has become a buzz phrase in recent years, as many individuals and businesses now use it as a matter of course, but there is still some confusion surrounding the terminology associated with it. In particular, we will explore exactly how it works… read more

Free Online Storage – Not a Myth

Free online storage is truly free. There are several companies, like Mozy and SugarSync that allow you to store your data and important files in the cloud absolutely free of charge, with no strings attached. Of course, the free plans have restrictions and limitations…read more

How Much Storage Do I Really Need?

Most of us conduct just about all of our daily interactions online, using our computers for both work and play. It’s therefore vital that we have some kind of back up system in place to protect important data….read more

Should I Start With a Free Service or a Paid One?

Keeping your valuable digital information safe and secure is of primary importance in this day and age. To help you with this, a number of online backup services have arisen in recent years. The most attractive feature of many…read more

There are so many companies, how do I choose now?

These days, online backup services are almost synonymous with computing. From members of a large corporation to individuals, we all value our data. We rely on the data in our computers now more than ever, storing pictures, videos and documents electronically…read more

Unlimited Online Storage- Do I Need It?

These days, we have almost our entire ‘lives’ saved on our computers. Nearly every business relies heavily on an enormous amount of professional data, all of which is stored electronically. On a personal front, many of us keep countless music and video files on our computers, not to mention photos…read more

Cheap Cloud Storage and Who Provides It

Data backup has nowadays almost become synonymous with computing. If you fail to back up your data, you live with the constant risk of losing it forever. Online data storage, also known as cloud storage, is quickly replacing external hard drives as the primary means of storing…read more

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Keeping accurate medical records is vital, not only to the patients, but also for the advancement of medical science. Since the beginning of time scientists and physicists have kept careful records so that subsequent generations could learn…read more

What’s the future for online backup?

Storing our electronic data is of great importance to all of us. Whether it’s personal or professional information, backing up files in a secure and efficient manner has always been a major concern. Apart from the security of the data…read more

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