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Is Online Backup Secure?
If you have ever lost important files or a document whether by accidental deletion, theft, hard drive failure, flood, fire or by any other means, you will understand the significance of having an online backup service.
Online backup service is the solution when you are faced with the problem of data loss. It allows for immediate retrieval of lost data.
Many online backup service providers have put their reputation on the line by stating that they can provide you with secured data storage even while the files are being transferred.Your files are secure even before they leave your computer due to the use of a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption technology, the same security measure used by the banks while clients are doing transactions.While the providers boast about how secure online backup services are, there is no guarantee that this is so, however, this is currently the safest way to store important data.
The encryption techniques used in transferring and storing data may differ in terms of the online backup service of your choice.
Essentially though, every trustworthy service will use one of several available security measures to ensure the safety of your data.

Using SSL Encryption for Backup Transfer
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is the standard used for securing and transferring of web “talk”, a very reliable encryption technique. When SSL is being used as the solution for online backup, the security is taken care by software. This process requires both a client and server software, in which the client software is connected to the computer and the server software to the server.
The data is safe during transfer and there is no need to worry about interruption or hacking of the data.

Can You Rely on the Safety of Your Data in the Storage Center?
As soon as your data files are placed in “cloud” storage, which is an extra layer of protection added so that other persons cannot gain access to your data.Geo-redundant data centers are also used as added layers of security for backup files. With this added layer of security for backing up your files including servers in data centers in different localities, you can rest assured that if something unforeseen should happen to any of the data centers, your file is still safe in another location.

You can depend on online backup services to keep your data safer than if they were stored on a hard drive device besides your computer. Should any mishap occur resulting in the destruction of your computer, your files will be safe only if stored in an online backup service.

With the increased prevalence of cloud computing, online backup will become an increasingly popular for all of us. It is the safest and most convenient way to access your important files and information in the wake of any disaster.

You cannot have data transfer and storage without encryption. They all work together. Encryption involves the process by which logical data is changed to distorted bits of information which can be seen and read only with an encryption key. This key is basically a digital file or password known as a key file. Without your encrypted data key, hackers cannot access your coded information.

In many companies, workers are allowed to make and manage their own encryption keys. Only you, or someone else given your permission, can use these private encryption keys in order to access your information. However, if your encryption key is lost you cannot decode your data upon retrieval.

Encrypted data is made up of pieces of information called bits. Simply put, one piece of information is the same as few bits putted together and this is indicated by few single digits. A key is the name for bits used in series in encryption. Therefore, it is more difficult to crack the encryption that has a longer bit key.

For example, a forty bit encryption is represented by only forty characters. This type of encryption is decoded by a computer in just a few hours. So encryption at this level is no longer in use today. There are different types of encryption used in online backup and storage. The most common one is the 128-bit Encryption. This is the standard encryption presently used in the industry.
This same encryption is used by financial institutions and banks as a safeguard for sensitive and important data. It would take a hacker millions of years to decode the billions of combinations in the 128-bit key. Hackers have never been able to decode the 128-bit key.

Your data is therefore safe when stored in online backup storage, considering the fact that hackers have not been and will not be able to get past the encryption key used by the backup companies. By using geo-redundancy, and backup power supplies, these companies have ensured that your data is protected in facilities that are safe and secured.

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