SOS Online Backup Review

Laptops are today’s modern version of a notebook and pen. They are carried everywhere by people who want to efficiently do their tasks wherever they may be. However, laptops and other smart devices are only as good as the documents stored in them. Subscribing to the services of an online backup company is a must to overcome the memory limitations of our laptops. Also popularly known as cloud or online storage, the service they provide allows users to store data into a cloud storage facility (servers) without the need for a physical device. Some of us may have experienced the unfortunate case of losing a hard drive with important documents on it. Instead of wasting time in finding it (it may appear sooner or later provided it hasn’t been stolen), you can use an online backup service to quickly retrieve the documents.

SOS Online Backup is such company that provides home, business and server solutions for a large number of clients all over the world. The company was founded in 2001 and has continued to be an industry leader in excellence, experience and customer support as manifested by the awards and recognitions they have received. They have grown to be one of the largest providers of online backup service ever since

With outstanding features, reliable customer support and easy system navigation, it is hard to find fault at SOS Online Backup. The price scheme is also one of the lowest in the industry considering that the service can be used by an unlimited number of computers. The business plan is only around $25 per month and again, the number of PCs where it can be used does not matter. Without sacrificing speed and quality, SOS Online Backup provides an affordable service for home and business users.

There are a lot of online backup services and the SOS Online Backup dares to standout by providing excellent features that will benefit many consumers. The SOS Online Backup provides fast upload speed, unlimited versioning, military grade security, file sharing capabilities, private encryption, social media data protection, and most of all, the ability to use it on multiple PCs.

A lot of other services claim to offer superior upload speed like SOS Online Backup. However, only a few can offer unlimited versioning and backup service for multiple PCs. Unlimited versioning means that they will store every version of every document backed up on their system even if changes has been made. Most other services allow users to store versions of their documents only for a limited number of days.

SOS also allows their subscribers to backup multiple computers even with only one account. There is no need to create multiple accounts and pay separately for every computer you need to backup. One other unique feature of SOS is its ability to protect social media files. This way, even if your account is hacked, you won’t lose your photos, music, videos, friends and contact info. Files can also be shared easily so large attachments can be efficiently managed.

Product Ideology:
SOS has a few pricing scheme which largely depends on the amount of storage space you need and the duration of the service. Each home user account can backup 5 computers provided that the memory needed to be stored does not exceed the plan chosen. This is a great deal since other companies charge an extra for every additional computer in the system.

Security is a major concern for consumers when selecting an online backup provider. Sensitive financial records and other company matters can be exposed to malicious people if security is compromised. SOS uses a military grade three-tiered security system that protects the data repeatedly at various points during the backup process. Still not content on that security, SOS also has an additional encryption from Ultrasafe which protects data with a password set by the user. Because of those security measures, they have received various accolades and praises from technology publications across the globe.

Storage Space:
SOS offers flexible plans to cater to your home or business needs. For small memory storage requirements of 50gb to 150gb, the service cost $80 to $150 a year. This can be made even lower if you get the SOS service that will last for three years. Business plan subscribers will need to allot $500 to $1500 for years of SOS service. These amounts look expensive but they are well worth it for a 250gb and 500gb memory space. In retrospect, a 250gb of space can backup approximately 2,500,000 word documents or 500,000 pdf files.

Ease of Use:
When using a new program or service, we want something that is not complicated and can be navigated easily. SOS Online Backup has a fool-proof control panel navigation system that is easy to learn. The setup and software installation takes only a few minutes. The interface is simple, light and has a modern design. The home interface also contains a series of ‘Get Started’ tutorials that can help in local and online backups. This interface also has a quick statistics of the used and available space. SOS can also be used in a wide range of platform including desktop computers, Mac laptops, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Customer support:
If in any case you still encounter issues with the service, SOS provides you with a number of ways to get support. There are live chat support specialists (available 24/7 Monday- Friday) who can assist you readily on your concern. If reading is your thing, you can search through their extensive knowledge database for an article addressing your issue. Another option is by submitting a ticket/case that will be taken care of by their support center through email. You can use your free time to attend webinars sponsored by SOS where you can interact with expert SOS support technicians. Last but not the least, you can ask for help in their social media (Twitter, Facebook) accounts.

As a pioneer in this industry, SOS Online Backup knows what consumers want. They constantly strive to deliver affordable service that guarantees only the best features that can help people protect their data efficiently.

To sign in and for further information, visit SOS Online Backup.

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