SpiderOak vs Sugarsync. Score 0-1

SpiderOak vs Sugarsync
We are living in the age of technology and there is nothing more important to us than our gadgets, except maybe the data they hold. If we lose our laptop, our computer crashes or our phone gets misplaced, we can replace them easy enough, but the data stored inside is gone forever. That is why so many people depend upon cloud computing. When you store your information in the cloud, it is safe and secure forever.

The question isn’t whether or not you should store your data online, the big question is which service provider is best for you. Every company offers similar services for comparable prices, but some have outstanding features that make them better suited for your particular needs. For example, if you only need a small amount of space, you can sign up SugarSync’s 5 GB free plan. Five GB will hold a lot of data and it never costs you a dime. If you feel this isn’t enough space, you can upgrade at any time.

Capacity 500GB 100GB increment
Price $4.99 – $39.99 Starting at $10
Mobile Access (Website Compatible)
Automatic Update
Customer Support Email, phone, live chat Email, phone, live chat
Free Trial
File Manager
Drag & Drop
Security 128-bit encryption used 256 bit AES
Multiple Computers
File Sharing
Money Back
Privacy High High
Special Promotions N/A N/A

SpiderOak offers 2 GB for free, which is enough to give you a good idea about how the service works and whether or not they are right for you.

Competition between SpiderOak and SugarSync is fierce. They both offer similar features on their web interfaces, but the way each is designed is very different. SpiderOak employs a minimalistic approach which gives you just what you need, where it’s needed. SugarSync is much more polished and offers plenty of flash and pizazz, but the basic features are quite similar.

SugarSync has a share administration feature implemented right on the main web interface, whereas SpiderOak uses “share rooms” which are completely separate from the main web interface.

Features of SugarSync

  1. Backup – Backups and syncing occurs automatically and continually in the background without interfering with your work. Your online account can be connected to both your PC and Mac computers.
  2. Versioning – Older file versions can be restored. As many as 5 versions are stored and they don’t count towards your storage space.
  3. File sharing – You can share any file you like. Larger files are sent to the recipient as a link.
  4. Mobile access – Access files from anywhere using Android apps, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, iPod touch, Windows mobile and Symbian devices.
  5. Deleted files are automatically archived until you remove them manually.
  6. You can use a personal website or the SugarSync WebSync option.
  7. Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Features of SpiderOak

  1. Backup – Backups can be scheduled or set to automatic and constant synchronization between selected folders occurs automatically in the background.
  2. Versioning – SpiderOak gives you access to any historical document from a any point in time, from any machine within your SpiderOak network.
  3. File sharing – The SpiderOak Share function allows you to share all types of files (including pictures, documents, movies, music) with anyone you like through private ShareRooms.
  4. Mobile access – Files can accessed using any mobile device using Android, iPad, iPhone and N900 Maemo.
  5. Deleted files are stored in the recycle bin until you empty the bin – just in case a file gets accidentally deleted.
  6. Files can be accessed from any where there is an internet connection.
  7. Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

SugarSync uses secure TLS when transferring files securely encrypted with 128-bit AES. Duplicate copies stored in SAS 70, Type 2 data centers. Files can only be accessed with your permission.

SpiderOak ensures all data is encrypted at every stage of the process – from the time the data is uploaded until storage and back to downloading again. SpiderOak is a self-described “zero knowledge” backup service. This means they have absolutely no knowledge about any of the data you store – not even the names of folders or files.

Plans and Pricing

SugarSync offers:

  • 5 GB free plan.
  • 30 GB for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
  • 60 GB plan – $9.99/month or $99.99 per year.
  • 100 GB plan – $14.99/month or $149.99 per year.
  • SugarSync offers special business plans as well.
  • All plans have a 30 day free trial.

SpiderOak offers:

  • 2 GB free plan.
  • SpiderOak Plus plan – $10/month for every 100 GB of storage.

SugarSync has a complete online help guide, a complete search-able knowledge base, answers to the most popular questions, video tutorials, as well as phone and email support.

SpiderOak has a complete FAQ section, answer pages and video tutorials, as well as email support.

Bottom Line
The sleek SugarSync interface, huge 5 GB free plan and reasonably priced paid plans make SugarSync the winner. Two GB is enough space for a test drive, but you will find that with SpiderOak you will have to upgrade in no time.

Click here to join SugarSync!

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One Response to SpiderOak vs Sugarsync. Score 0-1

    By: Miron
    Date: August 30, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    Sugar Sync do not offer client side encryption. That means Sugar sync employes can access you data.
    Also Sygar sync demand 99$ per year for phone support. Few months ago i wanted support and got email and phone support. Last week i needed help and we agreed on hours but then i was informed that i need to pay 99$ a year for a phone support.

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