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Try SugarSync for Business Free! SugarSync for business is the online backup solution for businesses looking for both online storage and file sharing and syncing capabilities for team members or employees.

As to the functionality of the business version, there isn’t much difference from the consumer plan. However, the business version has extra features not included in the consumer plan. Such as:

  • The administrative dashboard. This allows company administrators to control the service. The registered administrator can set up accounts, set limits on storage levels, add and remove users and even add other administrators.
  • Live phone support at no extra charge.

SugarSync Outlook Plugin
The Sugarsync Outlook plugin provides several great features to help alleviate common issues associated with outlook. One of the biggest issues users encountered was the limited size of files they could send as email attachments. Sugarsync solves this by sending the link to the file instead of sending the file itself. The receiver then simply clicks the link and saves the file. The recipient doesn’t even have to be a SugarSync member.

In addition to this, users can send a file from any computer synced with SugarSync. This means that if someone wants to send a file from a home computer, they can do so from Outlook using either a Mac or PC. Users can track how times their files have been downloaded, so they will know if their documents are actually being read. Plus, emails sent accidentally or too soon can be disabled, preventing recipients from opening the link until it is resent.

Remote Access Redefined
SugarSync has taken remote access to a new level. Users can automatically organize files on a secure personal website that is accessible from any web browser or mobile device. Files can then be edited or modified and the next time the main computer is online, all edits and modifications will sync automatically.

Files can be added remotely to this personal space and be automatically synced back to the user’s main computer. Plus, files can be viewed and shared on mobile browsers (iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Symbian) or any other computer without any special software.

The Magic Briefcase
The Magic Briefcase is a special folder created automatically, which allows users to easily synchronize files across all of their devices. Simply drag and drop the desired files into the briefcase, and it will be accessible from any device. This eliminates the need to install the SugarSync client on each machine. The Magic Briefcase is also accessible from any computer through the user’s personal website.

File Versioning
SugarSync automatically archives up to 5 versions of older files. This lets colleagues or employers see changes that have been made to certain files or if important information was accidentally deleted in the new version, a previous version can be restored.

Sharing Folders and Sending Large Files
This SugarSync for business version has a new feature which allows users to send large files from any computer or mobile device. This is handy for files that are too large to be sent as email attachments or to send files on the go. Folders can be sent to multiple recipients as read-only or as read-write and can be accessed over the internet. A secret access code is used for additional security.

There is now also a public sharing option. Users can post links to files they wish to share on Facebook, Twitter, in emails, IM, a blog or wherever they please. Files up to 5 GB can be shared in this way. Anyone wishing to view the file clicks the link and gets a direct download. They don’t have to register or view any advertisements, and there is no limit to how many times a shared file can be downloaded.

SugarSync for business offers a free 5 GB plan. This allows businesses to try the service before they buy. Paid plans start at $29.99 per month for 100 GB and up to 3 users.


  • Files are transferred using Transport Layer Security (SSL 3.3) encryption.
  • All data is stored redundantly in SAS 70, Type II data centers encrypted with 128-bit AES.
  • No one has access to the data without the user’s exclusive permission.

The Downside
SugarSync does not backup open files. This can be a problem with contact management programs like ACT, which need be to open at all times. The program must first be closed or important data will not be backed up. The company says they are currently working on fixing this problem.

Another problem that has some users frustrated is the inability to schedule backups. Backups occur silently behind the scenes, but there is no option to schedule a back up at a convenient time or to perform a manual “immediate” backup.

Overall, for a true “online storage” that provides a backup solution to the cloud, as well as selective file syncing across multiple platforms, plus private and public file sharing, SugarSync for business is a good choice.

Sugarsync For Business

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