SugarSync Vs. Syncplicity

SugarSync vs Syncplicity
Backing up important and confidential files is the main reason a user or a business would want to use the services of an online backup solution provider. However, syncing and sharing can be just as important, especially when files need to be accessed from anywhere and shared with team members. Many businesses want a company that can handle syncing and sharing needs as seamlessly as the backup process. Which company will win the battle between SugarSync vs Syncplicity for safe data storage and seamless syncing and file sharing?

Capacity 500GB Unlimited
Price $4.99 – $39.99 $15 – $45
Mobile Access (Compatible Website)
Mobile App iPhone, iPad, Android iPhone, iPad, Android
Automatic Update
Customer Support Email, phone, live chat Email, phone
Free Trial
(Only for business subscribers)
File Manager
Security 128-bit encryption used 256-bit encryption used
Multiple Computers
File Sharing
Money Back
Privacy High High
Special Promotions N/A N/A

Features of SugarSync

  1. Backup – Backups are performed automatically and continuously in the background without interfering with your work. Files are automatically synced to any devices you have set up to sync with and you can connect both PC and Mac computers to your online account.
  2. Versioning – Five older versions of files are stored and can be restored at any time. Only the most recent file change counts towards space usage.
  3. File sharing – Selected recipients are given exclusive access to any file you choose to share. Oversized files are sent as a link the recipient can open or download to view.
  4. Mobile access – All data can be accessed with an iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Moblile and Symbian device.
  5. An unlimited number of mobile phones and computers are supported.
  6. Deleted files are never lost, they are archived until manually removed.
  7. Any computer can be used to access your account with the SugarSync WebSync or the personal website option.

Features of Syncplicity

  1. Backup – Backups are performed automatically. Files are also automatically synced across the devices of your choice.
  2. Versioning – Older file versions are stored and can be restored within 30 days.
  3. File sharing – With one click files can be shared with friends, family or business associates for easy collaboration.
  4. Mobile access – All files can be accessed on any computer running either Windows or Mac operating systems and from iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  5. No limit on the number of files, files sizes or types of files that can be backed up.

SugarSync uses a secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) to transfer and store files in the cloud safely and keeps files encrypted with 128-bit AES. For added security files are stored redundantly using SAS 70, Type 2 data centers. This means that no one can access the data without exclusive permission from the user.

Syncplicity uses 256 AES military-grade encryption to protect data during transfer and stores the original, along with quadruplicate replications in three geographically separated data centers.

Prices and Plans

SugarSync offers:

  • 5 GB free storage space.
  • 30 GB for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
  • 60 GB for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.
  • 100 GB for $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year.
  • SugarSync also offers a special plan for businesses.
  • All plans have a 30 day free trial.

SugarSync Plan

Syncplicity offers an individual plan and a business plan:

  • Person plan: 2 GB free storage space – can be upgraded to 50 GB and synced with 5 computers or devices for only $15/month.
  • Business plan: free 30 day trial for of up to 25 users – prices start at $45 per month for 3 users.
  • 30 day free trial.

Syncplicity Plan

Customer Support
SugarSync has a complete online help guide, a comprehensive search-able knowledge base, a community forum, video tutorials, as well as live chat help, phone and email support.

Syncplicity offers support to customers after they sign up. Non-subscribers can not access the FAQ section or knowledge base. This can be bothersome when you are trying to compare companies to find out which one to sign up for. People have many questions when deciding which company to choose. By not giving access to the FAQ section, Syncplicity is greatly impeding the number of potential customers. Free customers are only offered basic support. Businesses are offered premium customer service and priority support, which includes email and phone help.

And The Winner Is – SugarSync

Clearly SugarSync wins the battle for better customer support and more free storage space. Five GB is more than enough to begin with. If you need more, you can easily upgrade to 30 GB for only $4.99 per month. That is a bit less space than the personal plan offered by Syncplicity, but price sure is right! Both companies offer a 30 day free trial, so why not take them for a test drive to see which one is better suited for your needs? Syncplicity is clearly more interested in business customers, so if your needs are for personal use, you will probably agree that SugarSync is the winner.

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