There are so many companies, how do I choose now?

These days, online backup services are almost synonymous with computing. From members of a large corporation to individuals, we all value our data. We rely on the data in our computers now more than ever, storing pictures, videos and documents electronically as a matter of course. Naturally, many service providers have arisen to take care of all backup and storage needs. Nowadays, we are really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a company. This can create confusion, but let’s look at the points below, in order to give you a better idea of how to make the right choice:

  • Price is probably the most important factor in your decision. Look further than the cost per month, however, so that you ascertain exactly what you are getting for your money. Does the service include file sharing as well as storage, and access to 24/7 customer support, for example? Also, is there a time commitment connected to the price on offer? Some companies offer a low rate, but lock you in for six months to a year. In those cases, it’s wise to make use of a free trial offer from them first, if possible.
  • Determine how many platforms you are needing support for. If you need to back up multiple computers, do you need both Mac and PC support? Does the service provider have an Android or iPhone app available, so that you can access your data from your mobile phone?
  • Check how easy it is to share files with the service you have in mind, if this is important to you or your business. Do the parties with whom you are sharing data need some sort of login as well, in order to access files? This may not be necessary for sharing family photos, for instance, but is an indispensable security measure for anything to do with business.
  • Backup services talk a lot about the actual process of backing up your data but few actually go into great depth about the restoration of your precious files in the event of a loss. Look for services that can offer efficient restoration, and are very clear in their explanation of the process. It’s very important to be confident that your service can restore all of your files almost immediately, should the need ever arise.
  • Enquire whether the data being backed up is checked via different testing protocols to ensure integrity. Also, what kind of notification procedure is in place in the event of failures during the backup process? To properly safeguard your data, you need to be made aware if your backup wasn’t successful. Make sure that you are also clear about the frequency of the backups and whether they are automated or manual. Continued monitoring for data backup may not be that necessary for individual customers. However, it’s usually vital when it comes to companies operating multiple computers and servers on a daily basis.
  • Look for extra services like versioning of files. This allows you to see the different versions of the files that are backed up. Some services even provide version copies of files going back to about 30 previous revisions. This will allow you to track changes to the data uploaded.
  • Find out where you data is stored remotely by the service. Multiple locations give greater security. SAS 70 certifications tell a lot about the reliability of the service. This certificate verifies that a third party has actually inspected and tested the security protocols in place. It also indicates a lot about the financial stability of the service provider and the integrity of your precious data stored in their servers. For people from the medical industry, look for other certifications like HIPAA, which guarantees the privacy of the data. All of this can go a long way in getting the most appropriate service provider for you.

Our free comparison service will help you with your choice
Many online backup services offer a huge number of different features and options, and it can quite frankly get confusing. The easiest thing is to compare your shortlisted services side by side, before taking the plunge.
This is where the simple, effective comparison service presented here will help. It contains a list of the ten major online backup service providers present on the market today. All you have to do is to check 2 or 3 three companies that you want to evaluate, and click ‘compare’. It will provide you with a detailed and free comparison of all the services you checked, presented in table format. This is a great help when it comes to choosing a specific service on your own.
Whichever online backup company you go for, make sure that it can properly suit your needs. Decide on the features you definitely want and make your choice accordingly, without being totally swayed on price. Money saved on cheap plans is ultimately wasted if the service doesn’t deliver what you require in order to function efficiently.

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