Unlimited Online Storage – Do I Need It?

Unlimited Online StorageThese days, we have almost our entire ‘lives’ saved on our computers. Nearly every business relies heavily on an enormous amount of professional data, all of which is stored electronically. On a personal front, many of us keep countless music and video files on our computers, not to mention photos.

Starting with a good online storage service
It goes without saying that in times when everything from eBooks to wedding pictures is digitalized, the need for proper data storage is extremely important. No matter how much memory you have on your computer or an external drive when you purchase it, the fact remains that you are dealing with a finite amount of space, which you are likely to exceed at some stage in the future. Apart from that, your desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even your external drives are always exposed to risks like theft, loss, liquid spill, breakage, malfunctioning, virus or worm attack or simple voltage shock, etc.

Of course, you can have your electronic equipment repaired, or buy a new machine, but once your data is lost, it is lost forever. For reasons like these, the value of online data storage is increasing day by day. Having unlimited storage space gives ultimate peace of mind: you don’t need to prioritize any data, and can rest assured that everything on your system is backed up securely, no matter how much you increase the amount of data you have.

Convenience in the modern work world
Apart from the threat of data loss, there are also issues of convenience. You may not have your personal computer or external drives with you at all times. However, you may find that the need to access data online crops up, which is where an online backup service can come in very handy. With an online backup account, you can actually access or even download your data from any computer with an internet connection from anywhere in the world, once you give your login details. If you have unlimited storage, you have the peace of mind of being able to access every last bit of your data, without having to decide what you may or may not need ahead of time.

MyPCBackupJustCloudLiveDriveThere are multiple companies offering online data storage solutions. Many offer unlimited storage space with yearly or monthly subscription prices. Mypcbackup, Justcloud and LiveDrive are examples of leading online storage providers. They provide backup solutions for both individual and corporate users, offering cost-effective deals on unlimited online data storage, with additional features included. A useful comparison chart is available here, so that you can determine the service that will suit you best.

Despite the obvious advantages of unlimited storage, it is pointless to pay for something you won’t derive full benefit from. It’s definitely worth taking the time to think about the pros and cons of an unlimited plan, well before you commit to anything. Remember that in most cases you can upgrade an existing storage account to an unlimited one anyway, once you are completely sure that it’s what you need.

Advantages of unlimited online storage:

  • In this day and age, the sum total of your electronic data probably encompasses far more than just what’s on your computer for work purposes. In addition to files kept for business use, most people have an extensive music collection in mp3 format, just to give one example. Photos and movies are other common examples. An account that offers unlimited storage means that you can replicate all of your data, no matter what its purpose.
  • Quite often, there are useful additional features that come with unlimited plans. For example, LiveDrive allows users of its unlimited service to install the program on multiple devices, which is something that they do not make available to their other users.
  • There is so much competition out on the market now that many services are extremely user-friendly and will run in the background while you are doing other things. If you’ve chosen an unlimited storage option and configure your account accordingly, you know that every piece of data you have is automatically covered, which is extremely convenient.
  • Price – Some online file storage providers, such as MyPCBackup, offers unlimited storage for really low prices. It gets as low as $6.95/month.

Disadvantages of unlimited online storage:

  • Unlimited cloud storage isn’t really available as a free service. (If you find a free offer, there is bound to be some caveat or other… usually a requirement to refer friends or a limitation on the time period for which it’s available). While there are reasonable plans out there, subscription prices do add up, so it’s important to determine whether you’ll really get the full benefit of such a service before you sign up.
  • Some services will delete archived files if they are not accessed after a certain time period has elapsed. Make certain that you are aware of any conditions like this before you sign up to a plan.

We strongly recommend you read more on unlimited storage providers such as Mypcbackup, Justcloud and LiveDrive

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