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ZipCloud ReviewIntroduction
If you own a laptop or computer, you need to know that there is a service that can protect your files against accidental damage. I’m not talking about antivirus protection, but online storage that secures your data when the computer crashes, when it is stolen or when it gets defective.

Cloud storage is one of the best technology applications every PC owner can take advantage of. The term ‘Cloud’ is used in the metaphorical sense here to represent something that is not tangible. Storing your files in an online storage facility makes it better protected than when the data is stored in USB flash drives and hard drives. This is because those drives can be lost, stolen or damaged. I hope by the end of this review you can decide if this service is worth paying for.

Features of ZipCloud


Free zipcloudFree or Low Cost Monthly Plan
ZipCloud offers affordable, simple and effective online data management. They only have two tiers of service, either free or on a monthly subscription. This keeps the set up simple and easy for customers to understand. The monthly fee is approximately $3.65 a month, which is an affordable cost for most people. With a ‘cancel anytime’ policy, there is no risk.

ZipCloud offers unlimited backup storage for its paying subscribers. This way, you don’t need to stress yourself out deciding which files are to be backed up and which are not to be. There’s far greater peace of mind knowing that everything has been stored.

There is no restriction on bandwidth for any users and with a continual internet connection, approximately 3-4GB daily can be uploaded. Preliminary backups can take anything from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the volume of files to be stored – but this is above the average of some other companies.

File Access
Aside from using the application for secure backup purposes, ZipCloud makes it possible for you to gain access to your files online, just by logging in to your account dashboard. This action can even be performed on mobile devices like iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and smartphones. With a steady internet connection, you can download your files and work on them even if you are in a remote location.

Sync Files
Sending out emails to update colleagues can be a hassle, especially if you do it many times a day. The time wasted creating a new email, typing out the email address and attaching file updates can be redirected to more important things. Cloud storage providers like ZipCloud give you the flexibility to set a ‘sync folder’. This sync folder can be viewed using any web browser as it is organised on the account dashboard. This means that clients can view their files on a variety of appliances such as mobile devices and tablets as well as desktop PCs and laptops.

To add a file in the sync folder, just simply drag and drop to the said file directory. Updates happen automatically even without the user’s indication. You will know that the file has already been updated to ZipCloud’s server when you see a green circle with a check on it. To use this software is literally child’s play – it is very straightforward and you don’t need any computer expertise to run the software effectively.

Most businesspeople are sceptical about using online storage services. The reason for this is that they fear that sensitive information can be accessed by anyone. Aside from reliability, the biggest concern about cloud storage is security. Subscribers need to be assured that no one else can have access to their personal files online. ZipCloud knows that each and every file in your computer is important and should be placed in a remote server that has a lesser chance of experiencing damage and theft.

Not only are all files encrypted, but ZipCloud has stringent procedures in place that only allow authorised personnel to access them. In addition, with so many cloud storage companies, it is in the best interest of providers like ZipCloud to assure customers about security.

ZipCloud store data on ‘Amazon S3 Storage’ servers which are the most reliable on the internet. Data transmission happens using ‘256-bit AES’ encryption, which is the federal standard for classified information. Simply put, if a computer hacker comes across files that are in the process of transferring to ZipCloud they will only be able to see garbled communications due to the encryption used by the company.

Customer Support
Troubleshooting is hassle-free with ZipCloud. The unlimited plan can give you 24/7 technical support through email. They also have a customer service hotline for sales, billing, orders and cancellation concerns. Live chat is also available.

The site also provides several downloadable pdf files that have well written documentation on how the system can be set up. These files are written step by step and are complemented by screenshot pictures of the desktop program.

ZipCloud’s website also has an observably large number of self-help articles that you can browse and read online. If you are looking for a specific topic, just use the big search bar for faster results. Lastly, they have created a dedicated page that customers can use in case they forget their password.



  • There is no dedicated app for mobile phones yet.
  • File syncing can be a bit slow at times.

The Bottom Line

While there are tons of competing services in the market, ZipCloud knows that providing a simple yet convenient service can slowly help them make a name for themselves. They are still working on a lot of other functionalities that will greatly improve their product, leading to even better services.

Overall, ZipCloud is a great alternative online storage company with automatic backups and sync functionality. The company has a huge potential of someday making it big in the industry and this is one of the reasons it’s in my top five rated companies. I’ve placed ZipCloud at number 2 for its uncomplicated and exceptional services.

To sign in and for further information, visit ZipCloud.

Plans & Pricing
$6.95/month for 2 year subscription
$7.95/month for 1 year subscription
$8.95/month for 6 months subscription
$9.95/month per-month subscription
$4.95/month for 2 year subscription
$5.95/month for 1 year subscription
$6.95/month for 6 months subscription
$7.95/month per-month subscription
$4.49/month for 2 year subscription
$4.95/month for 1 year subscription
$5.95/month for 6 months subscription
$6.95/month per-month subscription

10 Responses to ZipCloud Full Review

    By: Pamela Roberts
    Date: July 3, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Loving this cloud! ZipCloud hits all the marks. Auto or scheduled backups, sharing files, syncing between devices, unlimited storage, drag and drop capability – you name it, ZipCloud delivers and more. Fantastic service, and so easy to use. Absolutely great!

    By: Don Cassidy
    Date: July 8, 2012 at 11:56 am

    After trying some of the higher ranked competition, I decided to go with ZipCloud. I really like the site. I really like the no pressure approach. You don’t feel like they are trying to suck you in with a bunch of fast talk. The product is fun and easy to use. I love syncing my files and sharing files with friends and coworkers. It’s so much easier than sending email attachments. The price may be a bit high, but fair. Definitely worth the money.

    By: Robert Nador
    Date: July 11, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    There’s nothing to criticize. Zip Cloud is great. I’m not an expert in cloud storage or very technically inclined, so this gizmo is perfect for me because it is so easy to use. Works like a masterpiece. I haven’t explored all of the features, but what I’ve seen so far is seriously good. If you are looking for a reliable service and safe place to store your data, give Zip Cloud a try. You’ll be glad you did!

    By: Reba
    Date: July 16, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    At first I wasn’t sure about cloud storage. I had many questions. Where is my info stored? Is it safe? Can employees of the company see my files? What about identity theft? Am I at risk? ZipCloud customer support put my mind at ease. They answered all my questions clearly, without a big sales pitch – just straight answers. Still being a bit skeptical, looked for faults. Any quirks in the service or discrepancies in what I was told and I actually experienced. There weren’t any. The service works exactly as promised. No bull and no lies, just an honest to goodness great service. Sharing my music with friends has never been easier and I can rest easy knowing all of my sensitive files are safe and sound.

    By: Sydney
    Date: July 17, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    I own and operate a small internet company, so I’m pretty fussy when it comes how well a website works. I hate sites that are difficult to navigate and awkward to use. With ZipCloud, I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything is set up and how easy it is to use. I was so impressed that I now use it to back up all of my personal stuff and all of my company files. The site is crisp and clean and the service is exactly what I need to keep all of my files safe and easily accessible. I highly recommend them.

    By: Susan
    Date: July 27, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    Even with today’s technology, finding a product that is perfect is practically impossible. Zip Cloud may not be perfect, but it’s closer than any other cloud storage provider I have seen. The price is reasonable, the space is unlimited and everything works together seamlessly. I have been with them for about 4 months now and have not had any problem. I love being able to access my files from anywhere. As long as they keep providing excellent service, I will remain a satisfied customer.

    By: Kevin
    Date: August 14, 2012 at 11:41 am

    ZipCloud is the only online storage provider that I have tried. From what I’ve seen and heard about other companies, I don’t see any reason to switch. ZipCloud is easy to use, reliable and has all of the features I need. I believe that once you have found the best – forget about the rest! And for my needs, ZipCloud is definitely the best.

    By: J.Curry
    Date: July 28, 2013 at 4:59 am

    Great write-ups for ease of storing stuff. Just try to recover lost files, then you’ll be singing a different tune as well as discover their abysmal lack of customer support! I lost irreplaceable photos of my long departed Parents and Grand Parents and all they had to say was that they were sorry for my loss and they know about the problem. They would fix the bug, but since they are into storing data and not the recovery of data that the fix would take some time. Really? After more than a years subscription? Buyer beware!

    By: Dougie
    Date: January 23, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    They do not off true unlimited service. If you go over 500gb they will suspend your account.
    I have multiple images and video files that I need backed up. I thought this was the one, but now have to find another service.

    By: Bill j.
    Date: May 18, 2014 at 4:42 am

    Worst product/service of any kind. After signing up, I receive constant warnings like “Account Expired” and “Out of Backup Space” – Upgrade Now”. My constant complaints about this scam receives a response from support, but it still occurs.

    When I needed to restore my files to a new computer after my old one failed, the restore process failed to work. Support did nothing to fix the problem. Many of my files (about 20%) are also missing. After 4 weeks of no satisfaction with my failed restore, I’ve cancelled my account.

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